Civil Services Aptitude Test, a compulsory part of Civil Services Examination, that act as a screening test to Civil Services Main examination Conducted annually by Union Public Service Commission of India. It is also known as Civil Services Preliminary Examination.

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Mixed Test CSAT (2012)
Mixed Test CSAT (2012)
Solved Previous CSAT 2011 Paper - I
CSAT 2011 Paper - I covers exact CSAT...
CSAT Paper - 1 (Mock Test - 5)
Mock CSAT Paper - 9
CSAT Paper - 1 (Mock Test - 8)
Mock Test - 1 (CSAT Paper - 1)
CSAT Paper - 1 (Mock test - 9)
Mock Test - 4 (CSAT Paper - 1)
CSAT Paper - 1 (Mock Test - 10)
Mock Test - 2 (CSAT Paper - 1)
Indian Physical Geography (CSAT)
Physical Geography of India Time and WorkTime and...
Physical Geography (CSAT)
Physical Geography, CSAT Paper - 1, CSAT, Geography,...
Ecology and Biodiversity (CSAT)
CSAT Ecology and Biodiversity
Renewable Energy (CSAT)
Renewable Energy
Agriculture is important part CSAT prelims and many...
GK Test (2011)
Current Events for CSAT & all kinds of...
GK April-May 2011
Current Events of May 2011 for CSAT &...
History (CSAT)
Indian History (CSAT)
IAS History Paper Practice and Preparation Test for...
Civil Services
Currect affairs for CSAT
GK - 2010
Practice test covering the topics from current affairs,India...
Current GK (Union Budget 2011)
For CSAT 2011 on the Union Budget 2011-2012
Current Events
Objective Questions for preparation for CSAT 2011.
The Test contains Questions on Mensuration for Bank...
UPSC 2015 Paper V - Western Moral Thinkers
The test contains objectives type questions based on...
Analogy - III (SSC)
India Resources
Geography of India
Indian and World Geography
Environment and Ecology was added in CSAT in...