Civil Services Aptitude Test, a compulsory part of Civil Services Examination, that act as a screening test to Civil Services Main examination Conducted annually by Union Public Service Commission of India. It is also known as Civil Services Preliminary Examination.

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Indian Physical Geography (CSAT)
Physical Geography of India Time and WorkTime and...
Renewable Energy (CSAT)
Renewable Energy
Mixed Test CSAT (2012)
Mixed Test CSAT (2012)
Agriculture is important part CSAT prelims and many...
Indian and World Geography
Environment and Ecology was added in CSAT in...
India Resources
Geography of India
CSAT Paper - 1 (Mock Test - 10)
Mock Test - 2 (CSAT Paper - 1)
Analogy - III (SSC)
CSAT Paper - 1 (Mock Test - 8)
Mock Test - 1 (CSAT Paper - 1)
CSAT Paper - 1 (Mock test - 9)
Mock Test - 4 (CSAT Paper - 1)
Ecology and Biodiversity (CSAT)
CSAT Ecology and Biodiversity
GK April-May 2011
Current Events of May 2011 for CSAT &...
GK Test (2011)
Current Events for CSAT & all kinds of...
UPSC 2015 Paper V - Western Moral Thinkers
The test contains objectives type questions based on...
The Test contains Questions on Mensuration for Bank...
Current Events
Objective Questions for preparation for CSAT 2011.
Civil Services
Currect affairs for CSAT
Indian History (CSAT)
IAS History Paper Practice and Preparation Test for...
Current GK (Union Budget 2011)
For CSAT 2011 on the Union Budget 2011-2012
History (CSAT)
GK - 2010
Practice test covering the topics from current affairs,India...
CSAT Paper - 1 (Mock Test - 5)
Mock CSAT Paper - 9
Solved Previous CSAT 2011 Paper - I
CSAT 2011 Paper - I covers exact CSAT...
Physical Geography (CSAT)
Physical Geography, CSAT Paper - 1, CSAT, Geography,...