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Melanin is found in.

  1. Whole skin

  2. Stratum spongiosum

  3. Stratum corneum

  4. Stratum germinativum

Correct Option: D

Mental retardation in children suffering from galactosemia can be avoided by

  1. Giving them more milk

  2. Giving them milk free diet

  3. Giving them milk fortified with vitamins

  4. Giving them more proteinous diet

Correct Option: B

Pigmentation of skin is due to.

  1. Melanocytes

  2. Leucocytes

  3. Lymphocytes

  4. Monocytes

Correct Option: A

Molecular probes are used for many genetic disorders like?

  1. Duchenne muscular dystrophy

  2. Cystic fibrosis

  3. Tay-Sachs disease

  4. All of these

Correct Option: A

Mark the correct statement.

  1. In lower one third part of oesophagus both Myenteric and Meissner's plexus are absent

  2. Carboxypeptidase is exopeptidase acting on 'N' terminal end of peptide chain

  3. Galactosemia is metabolic genetic disorder due to deficiency of the enzyme uridyl transferase

  4. Nucleotidase and nucleosidase enzymes are present in pancreatic juice

Correct Option: C
  • Here, option (C) is correct as Galactosemia is metabolic genetic metabolic disorder due to deficiency of the enzyme uridyl transferase.
  • While, carboxypeptidase is a protease enzyme that acts on 'C' terminal end of a protien or peptide.
  • And, in pancreatic juice trypsin, amylase and lipase are present.

Isopycnic or equal density centrifugation is achieved in

  1. Buoyant density centrifugation

  2. Density gradient centrifugation

  3. Electrophoresis

  4. Differential centrifugation

Correct Option: B

Which of the following statement can be related to colorimeter?

  1. It is a light sensitive device

  2. It is used to measure the absorbance

  3. It is used to measure the transmittance

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

A colorimeter is a light-sensitive device user to measure the transmittance and absorbance of light passing through a liquid sample. It measures the intensity or concentration of the color that develops after adding a specific reagent to a solution. The working of colorimeter is based on Beer-Lambert law which states that absorption of light transmitted through the medium is directly proportional to the medium concentration.

So,  the correct answer is 'All of the above'

On which of the following laws the working of the colorimeter is based upon? 

  1. Blackman's law of limiting factor

  2. Beer Lambert law

  3. Hill's reaction

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

A colorimeter is a device that measures the absorbance and transmittance of different wavelengths of light in a solution. This is called Beer-Lambert law. 

The measurement is aided by adding a particular reagent to the solution so that the solution acquires a particular color and of a certain intensity.
So, the correct answer is 'Beer Lambert law'

In which of the following types of centrifugation, the components of separation are based on size, shape and density?

  1. Differential centrifugation

  2. Zonal centrifugation

  3. Density gradient centrifugation

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: A

In differential centrifugation particles of different density, size and shape in a suspension sediment at different rates, with the larger and denser particles sedimenting faster. These sedimentation rates can be increased by using centrifugal force. Thus the correct answer is 'Differential centrifugation'.

The technique which is used in the separation of plant cell wall 

  1. Electrophoresis

  2. Ultracentrifugation

  3. Gel filtration Chromatography

  4. Magnetic Separation

Correct Option: B

Ultracentrifugation is a technique used to separate plant cell wall.