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In which one of the following states is the black soil found?

  1. J&K

  2. Gujarat

  3. Rajasthan

  4. Jharkhand

  5. None of these

Correct Option: B

Black soils are often referred to as regur but are popularly known as “black cotton soils,” since cotton has been the most common traditional crop in areas where they are foundBlack soils are derivatives of lava traps and are spread mostly across interior Gujarat (Saurashtra), Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh. 

Which one of the following soil types of India is rendered infertile by the presence of excess Iron?

  1. Desert sand

  2. Alluvial

  3. Black soils

  4. Laterite

Correct Option: D

Lateritic soil types of India are rendered infertile by the presence of excess iron. Laterite soils are those soils that are found in the areas which receive high rainfall and have a very high temperature. This results in less humus content in the soil. Hence, they are not fertile soil and are not suitable for cultivation.

Alluvial Soil have been deposited by three important Himalayan river systems -the Indus, the Ganga and _________.

  1. The Mahanadi

  2. The Godavari

  3. The Brahmaputra

  4. The Krishna

  5. None of these

Correct Option: C

The northern plains are formed by the alluvial deposits brought by the rivers – the Indus, the Ganga, and the Brahmaputra. These plains extend approximately 3,200 km from the east to the west.

Laterite soils are suitable to grow __________.

  1. Coffee, rubber and tea

  2. Wheat, rice and rubber

  3. Jute, maize and millets

  4. Pulses, tea and sugarcane

Correct Option: A

Laterite soils are good for tea, coffee and cashew cultivation. Laterite soils lack fertility due to intensive leaching. When manured and irrigated, some laterites are suitable for growing plantation crops like tea, coffee, rubber, cinchona, coconut, areca nut, etc.

The soil formed by leaching and oxidation is ________.

  1. Black soil

  2. Laterite soil

  3. Arid soil

  4. Alluvial soil

Correct Option: B

It is red due to the presence of iron oxide which is formed by leaching. Laterite soil is a rock type soil rich in iron and aluminium, and is commonly considered to have formed in hot and wet tropical areas.

Which of the following state has laterite soil in abundance?

  1. Uttar Pradesh

  2. Bihar

  3. Rajasthan

  4. Karnataka

Correct Option: D

Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport is abbreviated as  ___________.

  1. BEST

  2. EAST

  3. WEST

  4. NEST

Correct Option: A


The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport (BEST) Undertaking is the civic transport and electricity provider public body based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Originally set up in 1873 as a tramway company: BrihanMumbai Electric Supply & Tramways Company, the BEST set up a captive Thermal power station at Wadi bunder, Mumbai in November 1905 to generate electricity for its trams that positioned it to also supply electricity to the city of Mumbai. Since 1926, the BEST has been an operator of motor buses. In 1947, a week prior to India gaining independence, the BEST became an undertaking of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation. It now operates as an autonomous body under the Municipal Corporation.

Energy conservation is _______________.

  1. Use of solar cooker

  2. Use of solar panels

  3. Use of wind energy

  4. All of these

Correct Option: D

Carpools reduces _________ by reducing the number of vehicles on the road.

  1. air pollution

  2. water pollution

  3. soil pollution

  4. none of these

Correct Option: A

A. Air pollution.

Benefits of carpooling:

  1. Carpooling can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year as it reduces the costs involved in repetitive or long-distance driving.
  2. It reduces the stress of your commute and allows you to read, relax, or even work while commuting.
  3. Carpooling enables some families to cut back to one car or to do without a car at all.
  4. If you don’t have a car or don’t drive, carpooling allows you to consider jobs throughout the area.
  5. Carpooling can provide you with new friendships and company for your commute.
  6. Carpooling reduces air pollution and traffic congestion, something that benefits all of us!
  7. Carpooling helps to combat rising traffic congestion, by filling the extra seats in your car, there are fewer drivers, and therefore fewer cars crowding the roads.

DTC is ___________.

  1. Digital transport corporation

  2. Delhi transport corporation

  3. Delhi traffic control

  4. none of these

Correct Option: B

B.  Delhi Transport Corporation

Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) is the main public transport operator of Delhi. It operates buses on many bus routes, including the Mudrika (the Ring Road Service) and Bahri Mudrika (the Outer Ring Road Service). It is one of the largest CNG-powered bus service operator in the world