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Questions Related to enterprise content management

Taxnomy: What does it mean?

  1. A classification or categorization scheme

  2. Income Tax Definitions

  3. Study of Taxidermy

  4. A new product by SONY

Answer: 1

What does CRM stand for?

  1. Centralized Repository Manager

  2. Customer Relationship Management

  3. Customer Record Management

  4. Create Random Managers

Answer: 2

What do you mean by WAP?

  1. Wireless Application Protocol

  2. Workflow Access Protocol

  3. Windows ActiveX Procedures

  4. Worst Action Picture

Answer: 1

What is a Document Repository?

  1. A school bag

  2. Your "In Box"

  3. Secured and managed storage location of electronic documents

  4. A storage cabinet for keeping paper files

Answer: 3

What is COLD / ERM?

  1. A new type of flu

  2. Computer Output to Laser Disk/ Enterprise Report Management

  3. Creative Outline of Large Documents/ Essential Records Management

  4. Composite Overview of Legal Documents / Executive Records Management

Answer: 2

What do you understand by the term "Content Management"

  1. Managing your grocery list

  2. The process and technologies associated with keeping information up-to-date and relevant

  3. A set of processes to search and remove illegal records

  4. Another name for Business Intelligence

Answer: 2

ASP stands for:

  1. Adobe Solutions Provider

  2. Advanced Services for Print

  3. A poisonous snake

  4. Application Service Provider

Answer: 4

The term "Redaction" means

  1. Roll back of transaction in a database

  2. A way of hiding part of an electronic image or document from view

  3. Highlight key content on an image

  4. A director's indication to start digital movies

Answer: 2

What is TIFF?

  1. A fight

  2. Tactical Image Figure Format

  3. Technical Insitute for File Formats

  4. Tagged Image File Format

Answer: 4

ERP stands for?

  1. Enterprise Resource Portal

  2. Energy Resources Potential

  3. Enterprise Resource Planning

  4. Emerging River Patterns

Answer: 3