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Fixed Assets Book is Linked with GL and AP on the basis of?

  1. Operating Unit

  2. Legal Entity

  3. Set of Books

  4. Asset Organization

Answer: 3

Which of these are Oracle Assets Key Flexfields?

  1. Asset Category

  2. Prorate Convention

  3. Depreciation Method

  4. Location

Answer: 1,4

Assets can be part of more than one asset book?

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: 1

Which of these determine the number of periods in a fiscal year for an Asset Book?

  1. Fiscal Year

  2. Depreciation Calendar

  3. Prorate Calendar

  4. Prorate Convention

Answer: 2

Mass Additions can be made to an Asset Book even after depreciation has been run for the period?

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: 2

Which of the following users is authorized to maintain R/3 user id parameters?

  1. Only the R/3 system administrator.

  2. Only the R/3 system administrator and the user.

  3. Only the user himself.

  4. Only user SAP*.

Answer: 2

Which R/3 System user is used for starting external programs using SAP background jobs?

  1. DDIC

  2. SAP*

  3. ADM


Answer: 4

Parameter rdisp/mshost found in which profile

  1. default

  2. start profile

  3. Central instance –instance profile

  4. 1.     Application Instance – instance profile

Answer: 1

Which of the following is recommended by SAP to be used for copying very large R/3 System clients?

  1. Database export and import.

  2. Generic operating system utilities.

  3. The R/3 Client Copy transactions.

  4. R3SETUP

Answer: 3

What is the name of the parameter file used by the R/3 Transport System?



  3. TPPARAM.sap


Answer: 4