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Questions Related to mediterranean regions

The total area occupied by the Mediterranean region in the world is about ______________.

  1. 1 per cent

  2. 2 per cent

  3. 3 per cent

  4. 4 per cent

Correct Option: A

In which region do the codirectional currents brings the rains?

  1. The Tundras

  2. The Steppes

  3. The Mediterranean

  4. The Equatorial

Correct Option: C

Mostly west and south west margins of the continents have _________________.

  1. Temperate evergreen forests

  2. Tropical deciduous forests

  3. Desert

  4. Mediterranean vegetation

Correct Option: D

The continent which does not touch the Mediterranean sea is ____________.

  1. Europe

  2. Asia

  3. Africa

  4. Australia

Correct Option: D

Mediterranean vegetation is also found outside Mediterranean region.  Which among the following is not one of those regions?

  1. California in the USA

  2. Russia

  3. South west Africa

  4. South West Australia

Correct Option: B

Citrus fruits like oranges, figs, olives and grapes are cultivated in ____________________.

  1. Temperate grasslands

  2. Tropical evergreen forests

  3. Mediterranean vegetation

  4. Thorny bushes

Correct Option: C

Mediterranean regions are marked for ______________________.

  1. Cool dry summers and mild rainy winters

  2. Hot dry summers and dry winters

  3. Hot dry summers and mild rainy winters

  4. Cool dry summers and mild rainy winters

Correct Option: C

Suez Canal joins __________.

  1. Black Sea  to Red Sea

  2. Mediterranean to Black Sea

  3. Mediterranean to the Red Sea

  4. South China Sea to Caspian Sea

Correct Option: C

Suez Canal is a sea-level waterway running in north-south direction across the Isthmus of Suez in Egypt. It connects the Mediterranean and the Red seas. This canal separates the African continent from Asia. Suez Canal extends 120 miles between Port Said in the north and Suez in the south. It is one of the world’s most heavily used shipping lanes.

What are Mediterranean Forests known as to the world?

  1. Basket of the world

  2. Grassland of the world

  3. Food land of the world

  4. Orchards of the world

Correct Option: D

Mediterranean forests are found in areas around Mediterranean Sea, Central Chile, South-West USA, Australia, Africa. They have thick barks and wax coated leaves which help them reduce transpiration. Due to these characteristics, Mediterranean trees adapt themselves to dry summers. Mediterranean Forests are known as 'Orchards of the world' for their fruit cultivation. People have removed the natural vegetation here in order to cultivate what they want to. So, Citrus fruits such as oranges, figs, olives and grapes are commonly cultivated here.

The forests of California are famous for _____________.

  1. greenwood trees.

  2. redwood trees.

  3. white wood trees

  4. none of these

Correct Option: B

The forests of California are famous for redwood trees. They are long-lived evergreen trees. They live 1,200 to 1,800 years or more. These trees are the tallest and oldest living things on the earth. Nowadays these trees are a famous tourist attraction in the area.