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Wild buffaloes, bison, antelopes are common in which region?

  1. Deciduous forests

  2. Temperate grasslands

  3. Deserts

  4. Mediterranean

Correct Option: B

Temperate grasslands are found in the interior part of the continents of ______ latitudes.

  1. Lower

  2. Mid

  3. Higher

  4. Polar

Correct Option: B

In which forests do we find both softwood and hardwood trees?

  1. Temperate evergreen forests

  2. Deciduous forests

  3. Tropical grasslands

  4. None of these

Correct Option: D

Hardwood trees are generally flowering plants found in deciduous forests. They shed their leaves annually and are broad-leaved.

Softwood trees are generally non-flowering plants found in coniferous forests. They keep their leaves throughout the year.
Of the given options both hardwood and softwood trees are not found together in any of those.

The temperate grasslands of Africa are called ______________.

  1. Prairies

  2. Steppes

  3. High Velds

  4. None of these

Correct Option: C
  • High velds are the temperate grasslands of South Africa, thus option C is correct.
  • Prairies are the grasslands of North America
  • Steppes are the grasslands of Russia

Deodars and Firs are _________.

  1. coniferous trees.

  2. deciduous trees.

  3. shrubs.

  4. fruit trees.

Correct Option: A

Deodars and firs have needle like leaves which is speciality of coniferous forests. These leaves have a waxy coating which helps them in retaining more water.

Temperate zones are generally known for there _________.

  1. deserts

  2. grasslands

  3. lakes

  4. plateaus

Correct Option: B

Temperate zone is characterised by warm and dry summer and cold winter. The region experience two types of climate: semi-humid and semi-arid. The vegetation consists mainly of short and tall grasses. So this region is famous for grasslands. The famous grasslands are Prairies of Canada and the USA, steppes in Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet Union etc.

The grasslands of North America is known as ________.

  1. Steppes

  2. Pampas

  3. Veld

  4. Prairies

Correct Option: D

The grasslands of North America is known as Prairies. The areas are covered with luxuriant grasses. The decayed grasses for thousands of years have added very rich humus to the soil. The soil is thick and very fertile. Today Prairies grasses have cleared and the areas put under cultivation. Wheat is the principal crop in the north and maize and Cotton grown in the southern portion of America. Prairies also famous for jersey cow and superior quality sheep.

The grasslands of South America is known as ________.

  1. Prairies

  2. Downs

  3. Pampas

  4. Veld

Correct Option: C

The grassland of South America in known as Pampas. This grassland covers an area more than 750,000 sq km. The soil in this area is very fertile. This area has a warm climate and precipitation is well distributed throughout the year. 

Which is the most common grass found in the temperate grasslands?

  1. Purple needlegrass

  2. Foxtail

  3. Ryegrass

  4. Alfalfa

Correct Option: D

The most common grass found in the temperate grasslands is Alfalfa. It is widely grown throughout the world as forage for cattle, and is most often harvested as hay, but can also be made into silage, grazed, or fed as green chop.

The Downs are the grasslands of ________.

  1. North America

  2. South America

  3. Russia

  4. Australia

Correct Option: D

The downs are the grasslands of Australia. This area experience mostly humid sub-tropical climate. Agricultural practice is mostly done here. The region is covered with black agricultural soil. With the help of groundwater irrigation chickpeas, soybeans and many other crops are grown here. Livestock farming is also done here.