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What does weighting in a random selector allow you to control?

  1. The frequency of user activities

  2. The average think time within a selector

  3. The number of iterations of a specific user activity

  4. The total run time of a specific user activity

Answer: 1

Testing can only find defects, not prove that………

  1. Errors exist!

  2. There are none!

  3. Defects can find Testers!

  4. There are always defects!

Answer: 2

Who would typically perform Beta Testing?

  1. Customers at the developers site

  2. An independent Test Team

  3. An Internal Test Team

  4. Customers at their own site

Answer: 4

Deviating from the specified behaviour that is visible to end users is called?

  1. A fault

  2. A failure

  3. A defect

  4. An error

Answer: 2

When should you stop testing?

  1. When the allocated time has run out

  2. When all planned tests have been executed

  3. It is dependant on the risks for the item under test

  4. When there are no more faults

Answer: 3

Impact Analysis is used the most by which of the following?

  1. Unit Testing

  2. Maintenance Testing

  3. Non-Functional Systems Testing

  4. User Acceptance Testing

Answer: 2

'Browser navigation timeout' is in which tab of Test Settings (File->Settings) window.

  1. Properties

  2. Resources

  3. Web

  4. Web Settings

Answer: 3

How many tabs are there in Test Settings (File->Settings) window?

  1. 7

  2. 6

  3. 5

  4. 8

Answer: 1

Identify the tabs in the Test Settings (File->Settings) window

  1. Properties, Run, Resources, Parameters, Environment, Web, Recovery

  2. Properties, Run, Resources, Parameters, Environment, Web

  3. Properties, Run Options, Resources, Parameters, Environment, Web,

  4. Properties, Run, Resources, Input Parameters, Environment, Web, Recovery

Answer: 1

'Generate Script' is in which tab of Test Settings (File->Settings) window

  1. Properties

  2. Web

  3. Resources

  4. Recovery

Answer: 1