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Questions Related to security

Which of the following is most likely to install a "backdoor" internet connection?

  1. Trojan

  2. Virus

  3. Worm

  4. Adware

Answer: 3

Which OS listed below is specifically developed for a hackers use?

  1. Solaris

  2. Ubuntu

  3. BackTrack

  4. Windows

Answer: 3

You have entered www.google.com in the URL and page is redirected to www.yahoo.com. In this scenario you have been _________________.

  1. IP Spoofed

  2. DNS Spoofed

  3. Email Spoofed

  4. Packet Spoofed

Answer: 2

Hackers often gain entry to a network be pretending to be at a legitimate computer.

  1. Phishing

  2. Forging

  3. ID Theft

  4. IP Spoofing

Answer: 4

Kevin and his friends are going through a local IT firm's garbage. Which of the following best describes this activity?

  1. Reconnaissance

  2. Intelligence Gathering

  3. Social Engineering

  4. Dumpster Diving

Answer: 4

How to implement authentication via web.config?

  1. Include the authentication element.

  2. Include the authorization element.

  3. Include the identity element.

  4. Include the deny element.

Answer: 2

Which of the following vulnerability can not be handled by Input Validation?

  1. Cross site Scripting

  2. Injection flaws

  3. Privilege Escalation

  4. None of the above

Answer: 3

Which validation can be bypassed easily?

  1. Server side Validation

  2. Client side Validation

  3. None of the above

  4. Both 1 and 2

Answer: 2

Allowing user input to control paths used in file system operations may results in----

  1. Privilege Escalations

  2. Path traversal Attack

  3. Cross Site Scripting

  4. Buffer overflow

Answer: 2

What is a Log File.

  1. an ASCII file that contains an entry for each user

  2. File which is created and maintained by a server of activity performed by it.

  3. short python program that prints the list of all files inside the current directory

  4. File which is created and maintained by the operating system

Answer: 2