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Which is not different between primary and secondary cell ?

  1. Reversibility of chemical reaction

  2. Rechargability of cell

  3. Supply of energy to external circuit

  4. Strength of current

Correct Option: C

Both primary and secondary cells serve the purpose of supplying energy to external circuit. Chemical reactions are reversible and cell is rechargeable for only secondary cells.  Strength of current in primary cell is low and in secondary cell can be high or low.

What is advantage of primary cell over secondary cell

  1. Its internal resistance is low

  2. It is light and cheap

  3. It can provide low/high currents

  4. It is rechargable

Correct Option: B

Primary cells are light and cheap. All other options apply to secondary cell.

Primary cells are

  1. Recyclable

  2. Use and throw

  3. Rechargable

  4. Retractable

Correct Option: B

Primary cells are use and throw. They are not recyclable since structure is carefully packed. They are not rechargable since chemical reactions involved are not recyclable. 

Primary cells have _____ resistance and secondary cells have ______ resistance

  1. Low , High

  2. High, Low

  3. Low , Low

  4. High , High

Correct Option: B

Primary cells have high internal resistance while secondary cells have low internal resistance.

Secondary cells are called

  1. Condensors

  2. Accumulators

  3. Distributors

  4. Assimilators

Correct Option: B

Secondary cells are also called accumulators.

Which one of the following primary cells has emf 1.08 volts and which remains fairly constant?

  1. Daniel cell

  2. Simple voltaic cell

  3. Leclanche cell

  4. Dry cell

Correct Option: D

Dry cell have a typical voltage of around 1.1 Volts.They become inadequate for use with time because their internal resistance increases many fold.

The primary cell which is used in daily life is-

  1. Leclanche cell

  2. Dry cell

  3. Daniel cell

  4. Simple voltaic cell

Correct Option: B

Commonly used cell is dry cell.

Dry-cell is essentially comprised of a metal electrode or graphite rod {elemental carbon} surrounded by a moist electrolyte paste enclosed in a metal cylinder. in most common type of dry cell battery the cathode u=is composed of a form of elemental carbon called graphite.

The current capacity of the charged secondary cell does not depend on ?

  1. rate of charging

  2. rate of discharging

  3. temperature

  4. amount of active material

Correct Option: C

The current capacity of the charged secondary cell does not depend on temperature. so if the temperature is increased or decreased there is no any change in current capacity of any secondary cell, hence option C is correct.

Cell which cannot be charged is 

  1. Primary cell

  2. Secondary cell

  3. Electrochemical cell 

  4. None of the above 

Correct Option: A

A primary cell cannot be charged whereas secondary and electrochemical cell can be recharged.charging of a cell depends upon cell reaction is either reversible or irreversible . when reaction is irreversible then cell can not be charge after one time discharge.

The word "earthing" also implies:

  1. charging of a body.

  2. discharging of a body.

  3. putting a body on the surface of earth.

  4. putting a body under the surface of earth.

Correct Option: B
An earthing system or grounding system is circuitry which connects parts of the electric circuit with the ground, thus defining the electric potential of the conductors relative to the Earth's conductive surface.
Thus excess charge passes to the earth which is considered as infinite source of charge absorbent.i.e. charges are discharged.