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The south Korean brand LG stands for

  1. Lucky Gold Star

  2. Lucky Goose

  3. Lost Gold

  4. Little Star

Answer: 1

In some ATMs you would have seen the brand name "NCR" (printed atop the ATM machine).NCR stands for

  1. National Counting Register

  2. National Claims Register

  3. National Cash Register

  4. National Claims Roll

Answer: 3

This brand is named after the Latin expression which means something like "new skills". The brand is

  1. Netscape

  2. Nintendo

  3. Novartis

  4. Nescafe

Answer: 3

This brand name is derived from the combination of the Danish "leg godt", which means to "play well". The brand is

  1. LG

  2. LYCOS

  3. LEGO

  4. LIRIL

Answer: 3

Founder Jack Cohen, who from 1919 sold groceries in the markets of the London East End, acquired a large shipment of tea from T. E. Stockwell and made new labels by using the first few letters of the supplier's name and the first two letters of his surname forming the company and the brand name.....

  1. TESCO


  3. LIDL


Answer: 1

Under whose command does the british army opened fired during Jallianwala Bagh massacre?

  1. Warren Hastings

  2. Dyer

  3. Mount Batten

  4. Curzon

Answer: 2

Declaration of Indian Independence(poorna Swaraj) was promulgated by Indian National Congress on?

  1. 26 Jan 1931

  2. 26 Jan 1932

  3. 26 Jan 1930

  4. 26 Jan 1929

Answer: 3

Who was declared as the Governor General of India during 1857 revolt

  1. Tantia Tope

  2. Bahadur Shah Zafar

  3. Curzon

  4. Siraj-U- Daulath

Answer: 2

Who was defeated by British to establish their rule in Bengal

  1. Sarfaraz Khan

  2. Nawab Sayyid Hassan Ali Mirza Khan Bahadur

  3. Nawab Sayyid Waris Ali Mirza Khan Bahadur

  4. Nawab Siraj- U - Daulath

Answer: 4

Who was the First Viceroy of Bengal?

  1. Warren Hasting

  2. Rober Clive

  3. Curzon

  4. Buffet

Answer: 2