Practice the German language

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German Practice

German language greetings
Practice your basic German greetings
German Practice
Practice of German vocabulary, verbs, numbers, plurals, and...
German Easy Level
German Practice for beginners
German Basics Practice
Practice the Basic German.
German Months
Practice German Months
German Numbers Practice
German numbers Quiz
German Colours Practice
Practice your knowledge of Colours in German language
German Foods Basic
Quiz on German foods for beginners and experts.
Basic German Colours Quiz
Practice colour vocabulary in German.
German Clothes Quiz
Guess the correct translation of each item of...
German Foods Quiz
German Quiz about food items
German Sports Test
Test your knowledge of Sports in German
German hobbies
Hobbies and opinions vocabulary in German
German Words
A Quiz for German vocab
Animals in German
Practice of Animals in German
German Family Quiz
Family Member Recognition in German language
Basic German Phrases & Numbers
Practice this very challenging quiz of phrases and...
Gender in German
Identify the Gender of German words
German Activities
German Activities Test
German Weather Quiz
This is a quiz to help you with...
Regular German Verbs Test
Test for German Verbs
German Verbs Practice
German verbs in the present tense.
German modal verbs Practice
Practice with modal verbs
German Modal Verbs Sentence
Identify correct German sentence
German verb conjugation
a German verb conjugation quiz
German Vocabulary Test
German Vocabulary Test
German future tense
Quiz for Future Tense in German
German Present Tense
German Practice of Tenses
German Present Perfect Tense Practice
Quizzing past participles i.e. present perfect tense of...
German Conjunctions Quiz
Tests students' knowledge of German conjunctions.
German Possessive Pronouns
Practice activity for German class relating to possessive...
German Prepositions Practice
German Class Preposition Practice
Halloween German
Practice terms of Halloween in German
GCSE German Quiz
A quiz on key German language, vocabulary, tenses...