Salts and their Classification
Chapter 8 Decimals Exercise 8.3
direct mean method
dealing with extreme values
direct method of finding mean
mean of grouped data : direct method
Speaking Test 1
bill discounting
B1- L-13 Nuances of Word Usage-2 (Difficult)
Car toys
Chapter 2 Whole Numbers Exercise-2.1
the cartesian equation of a line in two dimensions
Acids- Classification and Uses
organisational achievements
Chapter 7 Weather Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
square roots of a complex number
square roots of complex numbers
B1- L-13 Nuances of Word Usage-2 (Mod-1)
Multiple Choice Questions (Remedial Test - 2)
ms access
B1- L-13 Nuances of Word Usage-2 (Mod-2)
upcoming movies
bollywood stars
computer architecture
TC Sprint-2
an introduction to industry in chhattisgarh
rotation and calculation of time
computer organization