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Questions Related to unix

Which of the following commands is used to display the directory attributes rather than its contents?

  1. ls -1 -d

  2. ls -1

  3. ls -x

  4. ls -F

Correct Option: A

The Octal number to be given alogn with chmod command to make a file readable, writable and executable to the owner, readable and executable to group and others is:

  1. 000

  2. 755

  3. 744

  4. 555

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is not a communication command.

  1. write

  2. mesg

  3. mail

  4. grep

Correct Option: D

Which command is used to remove a file?

  1. remove

  2. rm

  3. mv

  4. del

Correct Option: B