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Consider the following table called EMPLOYEES: ID FIRSTNAME LASTNAME JOB LEVEL 1 Paul Jones DBA 2 2 George Baker MGR 1 3 Roger Melvin CLERK 3 4 Jim Smith MGR 1 5 Kevin Street CLERK 3 6 Chris Eaton MGR 1 If the following SQL statement is executed, how many rows will be deleted? DELETE FROM employees WHERE 1 = 1

  1. 0

  2. 1

  3. 3

  4. 6

Correct Option: D
  1. INSERT INTO tab1 SELECT cx, cy FROM tab2

  2. INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES (tab2.cx, tab2.cy)

  3. INSERT INTO tab1 VALUES (SELECT cx, cy FROM tab2)

  4. INSERT INTO tab1 (c1, c2) VALUES (SELECT cx, cy FROM tab2)

Correct Option: A

Given the following query: SELECT last_name, first_name, age, hire_date FROM employee WHERE age > 40 Which of the following clauses must be added to return the rows sorted by AGE, oldest first, and by LAST_NAME, from A to Z?

  1. SORT BY age ASC, last_name

  2. SORT BY age DESC, last_name

  3. ORDER BY age DESC, last_name

  4. ORDER BY age ASC, last_name

Correct Option: C

In which situation is shredding XML data recommended?

  1. When the data is naturally tabular

  2. When the number of nodes are volatile

  3. When the data by nature has sparse attributes

  4. When the data is of low volume and requires a complex star-schema topology

Correct Option: A

Which of the following supports the XML data type?

  1. A unique index

  2. .A composite index

  3. A check constraint

  4. .A generated column

Correct Option: A
  1. The statement will show the number of jobs in each department

  2. The statement will show the number of employees in each department.

  3. The statement will generate an error.

  4. The statement will work if the GROUP BY clause is removed.

Correct Option: C

The DEPT table has the following data

  1. The INSERT statement is invalid; a valid table name is missing.

  2. 50 is not a valid DEPTNO value, since the subquery limits DEPTNO to 10.

  3. The statement will work without error.

  4. A subquery and a VALUES clause cannot appear together.

Correct Option: B

  2. HINTS


  4. ALL

Correct Option: D

If the number of leaf blocks of index , scanned is less than 5000 then degree of parallelismis 2?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B
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