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  1. .NET 2.0 and above

  2. .NET 3.0 and above

  3. .NET 3.5 and above

  4. .NET 4.0

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is not a method of a Connection Object in VB.NET?

  1. Open

  2. Begin Transaction

  3. Execute

  4. Commit Transaction

Correct Option: C
  1. Primary key access

  2. Access via unique index

  3. Table access by ROWID

  4. Full table scan

Correct Option: C
  1. doGet()

  2. doTrace()

  3. doOptions()

  4. All the Above

Correct Option: D
  1. Deserialization

  2. Serialization

  3. Interface

  4. None of the Above

Correct Option: B

The 16 bit coding scheme employed in Java programming is



  3. ASCII

  4. Hexadecimal

Correct Option: B

What tool should you recommend for a junior DBA to use to create a simple backup strategy for a database?

  1. Database Engine Tuning Advisor

  2. SQL Server Configuration Manager

  3. Database Maintenance Plan Wizard

  4. Database Maintenance design surface

Correct Option: C

You write a stored procedure that will return data for a report. The accuracy of the data is not so important; however, you want to avoid dirty reads. Which isolation level should you avoid?

  1. Read Committed

  2. Read Uncommitted

  3. Repeatable Read

  4. Serializable

Correct Option: B
  1. A)Process control Block

  2. B)Program Control Block

  3. C)Program Communication Block

  4. D)Process Communication Block

Correct Option: C

Which one of the following status code indicates a duplicate insertion of a segment in IMS

  1. A)II

  2. B)AI

  3. C)IX

  4. D)AJ

Correct Option: A

Which one of the following describes the physical structure of an IMS database

  1. A)PSB

  2. B)DBD

  3. C)ACB


Correct Option: B

How can a blocking process be killed?

  1. Find the process in System Monitor and select Kill Process.

  2. Find the process in Activity Monitor and select Kill Process.

  3. Find the process in SQL Profiler and select Kill Process.

  4. Find the process in SSRS and select Kill Process.

Correct Option: B

You are creating a custom dictionary. Which code segment makes sure that the dictionary is type safe

  1. Class MyDictionary Implements Dictionary(Of String, String)

  2. Class MyDictionary Inherits HashTable

  3. Class MyDictionary Implements IDictionary

  4. Class MyDictionary End Class Dim t As New Dictionary(Of String, String) Dim dict As MyDictionary = CType(t, MyDictionary)

Correct Option: A

You are developing a Web application that restricts access to the pages based on the Users credentials. Which of the following options enable IIS to supply the user’s Windows credentials to the Web application?

  1. A. Enable Anonymous access. Enable Integrated Windows authentication.

  2. B. Enable Anonymous access. Enable Basic authentication

  3. C. Disable Anonymous access. Enable Integrated Windows authentication.

  4. D. Disable Anonymous access. Enable Basic authentication

Correct Option: C

What was a problem with navigational data access languages?

  1. The user had to have knowledge of the table and index structures.

  2. Navigational data access was far slower than declarative access.

  3. Navigational access languages required the coder to embed their queries inside a procedural language shell.

  4. Navigational languages were far slower then SQL

Correct Option: A
  1. SQL cannot support object-orientation

  2. The same query can be written in many ways, each with vastly different execution plans.

  3. SQL syntax is too difficult for non-computer professionals to use

  4. SQL creates excessive locks within the database

Correct Option: B
  1. Use the sys.dm_exec_requests dynamic management view.

  2. Use the sys.dm_exec_sessions dynamic management view.

  3. Use the sys.dm_exec_query_stats dynamic management view.

  4. Use the sys.dm_exec_query_optimizer_info dynamic management view.

Correct Option: C
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