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Teradata is suitable for ?

  1. OLAP

  2. MOLAP

  3. ROLAP

  4. OLTP

Correct Option: A

Why statistics wizard is used for?

  1. To collect statistics

  2. To select best candidate to choose for collect statistics

  3. Provide statistics of load

  4. To easy access of data

Correct Option: B

Is rowId is available in TD?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Which Index helps for row selection?

  1. UPI

  2. NUPI

  3. USI

  4. NUSI

Correct Option: D

Which one is equivalent to PK of oracle?

  1. UPI

  2. NUSI

  3. PI

  4. USI

Correct Option: A

Which one is not supported in BTEQ?

  1. Case

  2. For

  3. If

  4. Goto

Correct Option: B

Which tool used for population of already populatedĀ  table?

  1. Fastload

  2. MultiLoad

  3. FastExport

  4. TPUMP

Correct Option: B

How many VDISK can be attached to a single AMP?

  1. 1

  2. 4

  3. 8

  4. 12

Correct Option: A

Which is not a error code for MULTILOAD.

  1. 4

  2. 8

  3. 12

  4. 20

Correct Option: D

How many minimum nodes are required for MPP instastalltion?

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 16

  4. 32

Correct Option: B

What is logical model from Teradata for financial market?

  1. FSLDM

  2. HCLDM

  3. RLDM

  4. CLDM

Correct Option: A

Which component responsible for broadcasting?

  1. BYNET

  2. PE

  3. AMP

  4. VDISK

Correct Option: A

How many tables can be populated in a single multiload job?

  1. 1

  2. 8

  3. 5

  4. 10

Correct Option: C

In the Given below, which tool should you use to collect and analyze database performance?

  1. BTEQ

  2. TDQM

  3. Teradata SQL Assistant

  4. Teradata Manager

Correct Option: D

Which statement about spool space is true?

  1. Spool space must be specified during creation of the user

  2. Spool space is used to hold the intermediate result set

  3. Spool space is permanent space.

  4. Spool space is limited to the size of the table.

Correct Option: B

To answer this question, the user needs to understand what spool space is and its purpose in a database system.

Option A is incorrect because spool space is not a parameter that is specified during the creation of a user; it is a system resource that is managed by the database.

Option B is correct because spool space is used to store intermediate result sets generated during query processing. Intermediate results are stored in spool space before they are written to disk or sent back to the user.

Option C is incorrect because spool space is not permanent space. It is a temporary storage area that is allocated to each user session and released when the session ends.

Option D is incorrect because spool space is not limited to the size of the table. It is a separate resource that is managed independently of the table storage.

Therefore, the correct answer is:

The Answer is: B

In Which way is data distributed with a partitioned primary index?

  1. Based on the secondary unique index

  2. Based on the Primary key of the table

  3. Based on the Primary Index of the table

  4. Based on the partitioning columnĀ 

Correct Option: C

Batch process block level loading are performed against populated tables by which utility?

  1. Multiload

  2. BulkLoad

  3. TPUMP

  4. FastLoad

Correct Option: A

Cliques are physically composed of?

  1. Gateway's

  2. PE's

  3. Nodes

  4. AMP's

Correct Option: C

AI Explanation

To answer this question, you need to understand the concept of cliques in a network.

A clique is a subset of nodes in a graph where every pair of nodes is connected by an edge. In other words, in a clique, every node is directly connected to every other node in the subset.

The correct answer is option C) Nodes. Cliques are physically composed of nodes, which represent the individual entities or elements in a network.

Teradata Index wizard used for

  1. compare performance of multiple workloads

  2. recommend secondary indexes for a table

  3. recommend primay indexes for a table

  4. compare primay and secondary indexes for a table

Correct Option: B
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