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How the monitor program should be written

  1. A monitor program which dispatch the events to the callback of the one of the member

  2. Monitor object with it's own callback function

  3. A monitor program which dispatch the events to the callback of the member of

  4. None

Correct Option: B
  1. listener discards the labelled part of the message but process the data

  2. listener discards the Sequence no of the first message

  3. listener listens the labelled message and confirms it

  4. listener doesn't listen for the message at all

Correct Option: A
  1. Q1, Q2 will have one event each and Q3 don't have any events

  2. Q2, Q3 will have one events each and Q1 don't have any events

  3. Q1, Q2 won't have any events and Q3 will have 2 events

  4. the scenario is unpredictable

Correct Option: D

What are the parameters for creating a timer event object ? Choose 3.

  1. queue

  2. callback

  3. interval

  4. transport

Correct Option: A,B,C

Choose the two similar scenarios out of the following :

  1. poll and timed dispatch of 0

  2. dispatch and timed dispatch of –1

  3. poll and timed dispatch of –1

  4. dispatch and timed dispatch of 0

Correct Option: A,B

Which three statements are true about File Sets? (Choose three.)

  1. File sets are partitioned.

  2. File sets are unpartitioned.

  3. File sets are stored as a single file.

  4. File sets are readable by external applications.

Correct Option: A,D
  1. Equality match

  2. Negative match

  3. Range on stream link

  4. Range on the reject link

Correct Option: A,C,D

You are working on a job in which a sequential file cannot be read in parallel. In an attempt to improve job performance, you first define a single large string column for the non-parallel sequential file read. Which stage may be used to parse the large string in parallel?

  1. The Column Import stage

  2. The Column Export stage

  3. The Make Vector stage

  4. The Split Vector stage

Correct Option: A

What is the lowest CPU cost partitioning method for parallel stage to parallel stage?

  1. Range

  2. Modulus

  3. Entire

  4. Same

Correct Option: D
  1. Use a Column Exporter to perform the type conversion.

  2. DataStage handles the type conversion automatically

  3. Use the TimestampFromDateTime function in a Transformer.

  4. Use the Modify stage to perform the type conversion.

Correct Option: D
  1. Import using bridges.

  2. Import a table definition using the Connector wizard.

  3. Import DataStage components.

  4. Import a table definition using the Plug-In Meta Data facility.

Correct Option: A
  1. dsjob -run -mode NORMAL -instance

  2. dsjob -run -mode NORMAL -wait -instance

  3. dsjob -run -mode NORMAL .

  4. dsjob -run -mode MULTI .

Correct Option: C
  1. Define the connection properties to an ODBC data source.

  2. Define columns for the output link.

  3. Specify properties for the input link.

  4. Define columns for the input link data.

Correct Option: A,C,D

Which two system variables/techniques must be used in a parallel Transformer derivation to generate a unique sequence of integers across partitions? (Choose two.)

  1. @INROWNUM+1




Correct Option: C,D
  1. Use import "Oracle Table Definitions" .

  2. Use import "Via bridges".

  3. Use import "Plug-in Meta Data Definitions".

  4. Use import "Orchestrate Schema Definitions" using orchdbutil.

Correct Option: D
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