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Description: This test covers some important topics from the computer awareness section of MCA entrance test.
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Which of these computer peripherals is both an input as well as an output device?

  1. Touch screen

  2. Light pen

  3. Joystick

  4. Plotter

  5. Headphone

Correct Option: A

A touch screen can be used as both input as well as output device.

Which of the following programming languages has been developed for Artificial Intelligence Research?

  1. COBOL

  2. RPG

  3. BASIC

  4. C

  5. LISP

Correct Option: E

AI researchers have developed several specialised languages for AI research including Lisp and Prolog.

Which of the following system software programs translates a high level language program into a suitable machine language program?

  1. Operating system

  2. Compiler

  3. Text editor

  4. Debugger

  5. PDF reader

Correct Option: B

A compiler is a system level program that translates a program written in a high level language to a machine language.

Which of these non-volatile memories can be used as both primary as well as secondary memory?

  1. RAM

  2. ROM

  3. Hard disk

  4. Flash drive

  5. Cache memory

Correct Option: D

A flash drive can be used as both primary as well as secondary memory.

How many memory locations can a 16 bit computer address?

  1. 16

  2. 64

  3. 64K

  4. 4G

  5. 256

Correct Option: C

The number of locations is calculated as 2(number of bits of addresses generated by the machine). So, 64K = 216. Hence, this is the number of locations addressed by a16 bit machine.

Under which process do/does loading of the operating system into the main memory take place?

  1. Demand paging

  2. Interrupt handling

  3. Booting

  4. Mounting

  5. Troubleshooting

Correct Option: C

Loading of the operating system into the main memory takes place as a part of the booting process.

Which of the following input devices is used in banks for cheque processing?

  1. OMR

  2. Bar code reader

  3. MICR

  4. Character scanner

  5. Scanner

Correct Option: C

MICR or the Magnetic Ink Character Reader is used in the cheque clearing process in banks.

What does the function sprintf() operate on?

  1. data in a file

  2. stderr

  3. string

  4. stdin

  5. stdout

Correct Option: C

The function sprintf() operates on strings.

What is the mechanism to associate code with its data called?

  1. Dynamic binding

  2. Encapsulation

  3. Operator overloading

  4. Nesting

  5. Polymorphism

Correct Option: B

The mechanism to associate code with its data is called encapsulation.

What is the smallest addressable element in a display device called?

  1. PAR

  2. Pixel

  3. Scan line

  4. Refresh rate

  5. DOT

Correct Option: B

In digital imaging, a pixel or pel (picture element) is a physical point in a raster image, or the smallest addressable element in a display device. So, it is the smallest controllable element of a picture represented on the screen.

How can the 2's complement be obtained from the given 1's complement of a number?

  1. By adding 1

  2. By subtracting 1

  3. By complementing each bit

  4. By changing the most significant bit to 1

  5. By changing the most significant bit to 0

Correct Option: A

2's complement of a number is obtained by adding 1 to the 1's complement of that number.

Which storage class allows local variables to maintain their values between function calls?

  1. Auto

  2. Register

  3. Static

  4. Extern

  5. Intern

Correct Option: C

The static storage class instructs the compiler to keep a local variable in existence during the lifetime of the program instead of creating and destroying it each time it comes into and goes out of scope. Therefore, making local variables static allows them to maintain their values between function calls.

Which operator returns the address of a variable?

  1. ==

  2. >=

  3. ++

  4. &

  5. !

Correct Option: D

It returns the address of a variable. For example, a; will give actual address of the variable.

Which part of C program is ignored by its compiler?

  1. Preprocessor commands

  2. Functions

  3. Variables

  4. Statements and expressions


Correct Option: E

Comments are program documentations, which help the reader to understand the code better.

In what way are the items stored in a queue?

  1. LIFO

  2. FIFO

  3. GIGO

  4. PIPO


Correct Option: B

FIFO stands for First In First Out. A queue is a FIFO data structure.

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