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Students -------------< Cars, This graphic indicates

  1. that a student can own 0, 1 or many cars

  2. a car can be owned by many students

  3. a student cannot own a car

  4. a stundent can own many cars and a car can be owned by many students

Correct Option: A

What is a 'tuple' ?

  1. another name for the key linking different tables in a database

  2. another name for a table in an RDBMS

  3. an attribute attached to a record

  4. a row or record in a database table

Correct Option: D

A detailed, logical, and graphical representation of the entities, associations, and data elements for an organization or business area best describes:

  1. logical model

  2. data flow diagram

  3. entity-relationship diagram

  4. data tree

Correct Option: C

A company has a model consisting of eight entities. The parent entity, "Company," has three child entities: "Employee," "Product," and "Order." The Product entity has a categorization of four entities: "Computer," "Software," "Accessory," and "Clearance." Each entity has only one attribute making up the key attribute. Based on the scenario above, what foreign key appears in the model exactly three times ?

  1. computer_id

  2. product_id

  3. company_id

  4. employee_id

  5. order_id

Correct Option: C

What is a schema ?

  1. A diagram showing the domains of all attributes in the data model

  2. A schedule of data modeling steps

  3. A plan of action for database design

  4. A diagram showing the flow of data in an application

  5. A graphical or language representation of a data model or database

Correct Option: E

Several pieces of information are captured about a book. This information includes: Title, Author First Name, Author Last Name, Book Genre, and Date Published.   Based on the scenario above, what part of the entity relationship is the Title?

  1. Entity

  2. Category

  3. Hierarchy

  4. Relationship

  5. Atttibute

Correct Option: E
  1. Data about data

  2. Describe a data dictionary

  3. Self-describing

  4. Includes user data

  5. Supports its own structure

Correct Option: D
  1. Logical Data Model

  2. Physical Data Model

  3. Network Data Model

  4. Conceptual Data Model

Correct Option: D
  1. a key that contains only a single field

  2. a key field

  3. a numerical field

  4. a single valued field

Correct Option: D
  1. replace relational design

  2. be close to a users perception of the data

  3. enable detailed descriptions of data query processing

  4. enable low level descriptions of data

Correct Option: B

Conceptual data modeling is typically done in parallel with other requirements analysis and structuring steps during:

  1. system planning and selection

  2. systems design

  3. systems analysis

  4. systems implementation and operation

  5. systems evaluation

Correct Option: C

Data Modeling:

  1. is achieved using an information flow digram

  2. uses a dataflow diagram

  3. is necessary to remove database anomalies through normalization

  4. is the same as process modelling

  5. is all of the above

Correct Option: C
  1. The relationship between more than one entity which has more than one attribute

  2. An attribute that cannot easily identify a record, but can easily viewed as a field

  3. An attribute, other than primary key, that can be used to identify an instance of an entity

  4. A non-distinguishable primary key which is not used to identify fields or records

  5. A primary key with two or more columns on a non-clustered index

Correct Option: C
  1. An ER model is concerned primarily with a physical implementation of the data and secondly with a logical view

  2. An ER model provides a view of the logic of the data and not the physical implementation

  3. An ER model is concerned primarily with a logical view of the data and secondly with the physical implementation

  4. An ER model is entirely concerned with modelling the physical implementation

Correct Option: B

If a key from a parent entity migrates into the primary key of the child entity, what type of relationship is formed?

  1. Non-identifying

  2. Normalizing

  3. Categorizing

  4. Identifying

  5. Emphasizing

Correct Option: D

What can a mandatory one to one relationship indicate?

  1. More entities are needed

  2. The model should be denormolized

  3. The tables are not properly indexed

  4. The model cannot be implemented physically

  5. More attributes are needed

Correct Option: E
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