Biology Test

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Which gland produces fight or flight hormone?

  1. Parathyroid

  2. Thyroid

  3. Adrenal gland

  4. Pituitary gland

Correct Option: C

Adrenal medulla produces adrenaline hormone which is called as the fight or flight hormone.

What does leydig cells produce?

  1. Thyroxine

  2. Progestrone

  3. Testosterone

  4. Growth hormone

Correct Option: C

It is produced by the leydig cells of the testis.

Who discovered sex linked inheritance?

  1. Karl Landsteiner

  2. Mendel

  3. Morgan

  4. Griffiths

Correct Option: C

He discovered sex linked inhertance in Drosophila melanogaster.

Which element is the main component of thyroxine hormone?

  1. Iodine

  2. Sulfur

  3. Iron

  4. Fluorine

Correct Option: A

It is the main component of thyroxine hormone.

Lens and retina of the eye in a frog develops from which layer of embryo?

  1. Ectoderm

  2. Mesoderm

  3. Endoderm

  4. Ecto and endoderm both

Correct Option: A

Ectoderm in the frog forms lens and retina of the eye along with other sense receptors.

Which gland secretes calcitonin hormones?

  1. Thyroid

  2. Parathyroid

  3. Ultimobranchial gland

  4. Both parathyroid and thyroid gland

Correct Option: C

It secretes calcitonin which senses calcium levels in the body.

The plastids which are resposible for giving yellow and orange colours to flowers or fruits are:

  1. leucoplasts

  2. chloroplasts

  3. chromoplasts

  4. protoplast

Correct Option: C

 These are variously coloured in structure.

Urea is formed by which cycle?

  1. Kreb's cycle

  2. Ornithine cycle

  3. Calvin cycle

  4. Cori cycle

Correct Option: B

It is also called as the urea cycle which occurs in liver.

Which of the following is the unit membrane structure?

  1. Ribosomes

  2. Nucleus

  3. Mitochondria

  4. Golgi complex

Correct Option: A

These are the organelles containing unit membrane.

Workers of honey bee society are

  1. perfect females

  2. imperfect females

  3. drones

  4. males with no stinger

Correct Option: B

Worker bees are the sterile females or imperfect females.

In which organ is cumulus oophorus found?

  1. Testis

  2. Ovaries

  3. Testis and ovaries both

  4. Kidney

Correct Option: B

Cumulus oophorus is found in ovaries.These are the cluster of cells that surround the oocyte.

Which of the following has the scientific name Homo erectus?

  1. Java man

  2. Neanderthal man

  3. Peking man

  4. Paranthropus

Correct Option: A

As java man could stand upright so it was termed as homo erectus.

Colloid osmotic pressure of blood is due to

  1. plasma proteins

  2. non-protein factors

  3. urea

  4. glucose and amino acids

Correct Option: A

Plasma proteins include fibrinogen, albumin and globulins which together contributes to colloid osmotic pressure.

Which animal possesses the myogenic heart?

  1. Cockroach

  2. Snail

  3. Prawn

  4. Scorpion

Correct Option: B

It posseses the myogenic heart i.e capable of generating cardiac contraction independent of nervous control.

How does enzyme enhance the rate of chemical reaction?

  1. By providing optimum temperature

  2. By lowering activation energy

  3. By producing ATP

  4. By raising the temperature

Correct Option: B

Enzymes are capable of lowering the activation energy thereby bringing the reactants closer together into its active site allowing the chemical bonds to weaken and thereby leading to the formation of new bonds and thus a new product.

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