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Basic C# .net Quiz

Description: Basic C# .net Quiz
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String mystring; Creates a(n)

  1. Class

  2. Constructor

  3. Object

  4. a and b

Answer: 3

An Event is

  1. The result of a users action

  2. result of a party

  3. code to force users action

Answer: 1

A delegate defines

  1. a Wahsington representative

  2. a class that encapsulates methods

  3. a means of passing arrays into methods

  4. a substitue for an inherited method

Answer: 2

Is it possible to pass methods as arguments for other methods without modification.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: 1

All interfaces must contain IDrivable

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: 2

What is the proper header for a class that intends to use an interface.

  1. class MyClass IFace

  2. class MyClass ; IFace

  3. class MyClass : IFace

  4. class MyCalss {IFace}

  5. class MyCalss(IFace)

Answer: 3

In order for a class to use an interface, it must

  1. inherit the properties of the interface

  2. contain the same methods as the interface

  3. create an interface objects

  4. a and b

  5. all of the above

Answer: 5

Every class directly or indirectly extends the______class.

  1. System

  2. Object

  3. Drawing

  4. Console

Answer: 2

The concept of composition specifies that you can.

  1. Compose good code with C#

  2. Compose C# projects with different objects

  3. Reduce errors by remaining composed during programming

  4. all of the above

Answer: 2

Polymorphism occurs when the methods of the child class.

  1. Override the parent class methods but maintain the implementation

  2. Maintain the same return type and arguments as the parent class, but implement it differently

  3. Have different return types and arguments than the parent class

  4. Are Virtual

Answer: 2

The way of returning a thread from s suspended state is:

  1. Pulse

  2. PulseAll

  3. Interrupt

  4. Resume

  5. ReStart

Answer: 4

In order to lock/unlock an object use the.

  1. Lock and Unlock methods

  2. Enter and Exit methods

  3. Close and Open methods

  4. Close and Allow methods

Answer: 2

Class String and the Char structure found in the:

  1. System.Strings namespace

  2. System.Text namespace

  3. System.Chars namespace

  4. System namespace

Answer: 4

A String literal is a:

  1. only contains one character

  2. contains numbers rather than letters

  3. sequence of characters in double quotation marks

  4. contains exactly its variable name and nothing else

Answer: 3

To create a string literal exclude escape sequence, use:

  1. !string

  2. @string

  3. #string

  4. $string

Answer: 2
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