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4.Select the odd one from the performance test tools:

  1. a.HP Loadrunner

  2. b.Borland’s Silk Performer

  3. c.Jmeter

  4. d.Winrunner

Correct Option: D

5.What is the default log setting during the scenario execution?

  1. a.Send messages only when error occurs

  2. b.Extended log with Parameter substitution

  3. c.Standard Log

  4. d.Extended log with Data returned by server

Correct Option: A

6.During the top-time transaction run, what is the recommended load percentage?

  1. a.50%

  2. b.100%

  3. c.35%

  4. d.20%

Correct Option: D

7.Is it possible to perform the performance testing in unattended mode?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

9.During performance test execution, the load is generated by which component?

  1. a.Controller

  2. b.Load Generator

  3. c.Vugen

  4. d.Load Controller

Correct Option: B

10.Load generator is also known as

  1. a.Load injector

  2. b.Load Controller

  3. c.Load supplier

  4. d. Load inductor

Correct Option: A

Which command is used to monitor the processes that consume high memory and CPU?

  1. top

  2. topas

  3. nmon

  4. monitor

Correct Option: A

Which command is used to monitor network status?

  1. nmon

  2. netmon

  3. netstat

  4. nstat

Correct Option: C

Which command is used to monitor the user and system memory usage?

  1. memstat

  2. vmstat

  3. mstat

  4. memorystat

Correct Option: B

Which command is used to monitor input and output statistics?

  1. iostat

  2. inoutstat

  3. iostats

  4. statistics

Correct Option: A

1.What are the recording modes available in the Vugen?

  1. a.HTML Mode

  2. b.URL Mode

  3. c.Both a&b

  4. d.Binary Mode

Correct Option: C

Which function keys are used as the short-cut key for Run and Compile respectively?

  1. a.F9 & F10

  2. b.F5 & (Shift+F5)

  3. c.(Shift+F5) & F5

  4. d.F10 & F9

Correct Option: B

In a flight booking scenario, where 30 users are logged into the application.Out of it, 10% are booking the seats, 5% are performing the cancellation and the rest of them checking the itinerary status. How much percentage of users will perform the login transaction?

  1. a.10%

  2. b.15%

  3. c.100%

  4. d.85%

Correct Option: C

In which part of the scripts, we will declare the global variables?

  1. a.Vuser_init

  2. b.Vuser_end

  3. c.globals.h

  4. d.Action

Correct Option: C

In the Run time settings option under which tab we will set the number of iterations to run?

  1. a.General: Run Logic

  2. b.General: Additional Attributes

  3. c.General: Log

  4. d.General: Miscellaneous

Correct Option: A

Which function is used for correlating the dynamic values in HTTP/HTML?

  1. a.web_reg_find()

  2. b.web_reg_save_param()

  3. c.web_regsave_param()

  4. d.web_reg_saveparam()

Correct Option: B

7.In the Run-Time Settings if we insert the block which consists of three actions. What are all properties for the block so that the actions can be executed?

  1. a.Sequential

  2. b.Sequential & Unique

  3. c.Sequential & Random

  4. d.Sequential, Random and Unique

Correct Option: C
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