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What is the recommended transaction monitoring frequency

  1. 5 Seconds

  2. 10 Seconds

  3. 15 Seconds

  4. 30 Seconds

Correct Option: B

What is the primary reason Ramp Down functionality is used?

  1. • To let all Vusers stop at once

  2. To gradually release resources of the system after a heavy load

  3. To monitor Performance Center servers

  4. None of these

Correct Option: B

Which one amongst the following counters are referred to identify Disk related performance issues

  1. Disk sec / Transfer

  2. Network Interface\ Bytes Total/sec

  3. Server\ Bytes Received/sec

  4. Packets Received Errors

Correct Option: A

Which is considered best practice on selecting components in the Application Under Test (AUT) to monitor?

  1. monitor just the Database server

  2. monitor just the Application server

  3. monitor all system components present in your AUT

  4. use the performance summary instead of monitoring individual components

Correct Option: C
  1. User site

  2. File server

  3. Utility server

  4. Administration site

  5. Controller machine

  6. Load generator machine

Correct Option: A,C,D,E

From where can your teams view analysis data for your load tests?

  1. from the user site

  2. from the controller machine

  3. from the Local Area Network

  4. .from the load generator machine

Correct Option: A

Which option in the Analysis tool allows you to focus on a specific measurement within your graph?

  1. Drill Down

  2. Apply Filter

  3. Merge Graphs

  4. Auto Correlate

Correct Option: A

Which Analysis graph identifies web pages that take the most time; isolates where time is spent; and helps in identifying DNS resolution, SSL, and connection issues?

  1. Windows Resource

  2. Network Delay Time

  3. Time to First Buffer Breakdown

  4. Page Download Time Breakdown

Correct Option: D
  1. Throughput

  2. Windows Resources

  3. Time to First Buffer Breakdown

  4. Transaction Performance Summary

Correct Option: C

Which Analysis graph details transaction response times throughout the test?

  1. Transactions per Second

  2. Average Transaction Response Time

  3. Transaction Response Time Under Load

  4. Transaction Response Time (distribution)

Correct Option: B

What is the first indication of a performance problem?

  1. The network delay time is above 15ms

  2. The DNS is not resolving the machine name

  3. The Web server's available memory drops below 1 GB

  4. The end user experiences higher than expected response time

Correct Option: D

Which amongst the following is not a valid Sampler in JMeter

  1. HTTP Request

  2. Junit Request

  3. WebService (SOAP) Request

  4. Web Socket Sampler

Correct Option: D
  1. BeanShell Assertions

  2. Response Assertions

  3. XPath Assertions

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D

What all options are available for Actions to be taken after a sampler error

  1. Stop Thread

  2. Stop Test Now

  3. Don’t stop Test

  4. Don’t Continue

Correct Option: A,B
  1. Redirect Automatically

  2. Redirect on Instructions

  3. Follow Redirects

  4. Use Keep alive

  5. Follow on Instructions

Correct Option: A,C,D
  1. Foreach Controller

  2. Include Controller

  3. Interleave Controller

  4. Module Controller

  5. Random Order Controller

  6. All of the above

Correct Option: F
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