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Effective test managers are effective listeners. The type of listening in which the tester is performing an analysis of what the speaker is saying is called:

  1. Discriminative listening

  2. Comprehensive listening

  3. Therapeutic listening

  4. Critical listening

  5. Appreciative listening

Correct Option: D

1.Term used in software release - RTM stands for :

  1. Release to manufacturing

  2. Release to marketing

  3. Both 1 & 2

  4. Retail management

Correct Option: C

A web release is a means of software delivery that utilizes

  1. the Internet for distribution

  2. Internet technology

  3. testing techniques

  4. provided physical media are produced in this type of release mechanism

Correct Option: A

Testing Automation is

  1. good way to cut down time and cost

  2. suffer from a lack of generic applicability and scalability

  3. Flaws in software can be exploited by intruders to open security holes

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: A

What is system testing?

  1. exposes defects in the interfaces and interaction between integrated components (modules)

  2. tests a completely integrated system to verify that it meets its requirements.

  3. verifies that a system is integrated to any external or third party systems defined in the system requirements

  4. tests the minimal software component, or module

Correct Option: B
  1. the term alpha test meant the first

  2. the term alpha test meant the second

  3. the term alpha test meant the third

  4. A,B & C

Correct Option: A
  1. client ask to test the s/w in testing

  2. performs befor imlementaion of S/W at

  3. Done at the developer's site by the real customer, where the developer "looks over the shoulder" and notes the errors.

  4. Done by one or more end-users of the software at customer's place

Correct Option: D

Product is used by with in the company and Application is used globally.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Beta Testing can also be considered as

  1. Release testing

  2. continuity testing

  3. Pre-release testing

  4. Regression Testing

Correct Option: C

Reviews,walkthroughs and inspections are considered as

  1. integration testing

  2. regression testing

  3. static testing

  4. dynamic testing

Correct Option: C

SQA stands for

  1. Standard quantity assuarance

  2. System quantity assuarance

  3. Software quality assuarance

  4. System quality assuarance

Correct Option: C

QAPP s stands for

  1. Quantity Assuarance Project Plans

  2. Quantity Assuarance Project Productivity

  3. Quality Assuarance Project Plan

  4. All the above

Correct Option: C

QC stands for

  1. Quantity control

  2. Quality control

  3. Quantitative Control

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

RAD stands for

  1. Resource Action develops

  2. Rigid Application Development

  3. Rapid Application Development

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

SDLC stands for

  1. oftware development life cycle

  2. Systematically developed life cycle

  3. Systems development life cycle

  4. Softwares developed life cycle

Correct Option: C

By default, Quality Center sends e-mail in HTML format. To send e-mail as plain text instead, edit the ....... parameter in the Site Configuration tab in Site





Correct Option: C

You can also create coverage between test instances and requirements. You can enable this feature using the ........... parameter in Site Administration




  4. None of above

Correct Option: A

In the Test Lab Module, in Execution Grid Columns, the column Exec Date means

  1. The date on which the test was first executed.

  2. The date on which the test was last executed

  3. The date on which the test was executed

  4. The date on which the test will be executed in future

Correct Option: B

You can organize test execution by creating ........

  1. test modules

  2. test flows

  3. test beds

  4. test sets

Correct Option: D
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