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Rogers Wireless was formerly known as

  1. Rogers AT & T Wireless

  2. Sprint Canada Inc

  3. Call-Net Enterprise

  4. Both (a) and ( c)

Correct Option: A

Head quarters of Rogers Media is at

  1. Canada Life Building

  2. BFG Building

  3. CFMT Building

  4. Montreal

Correct Option: C

Rogers Telecom was formerly known as

  1. Sprint Canada Inc

  2. Fonorola

  3. Call-Net Enterprise

  4. None of the Above

Correct Option: A

Two services of Rogers Home Phone are

  1. Voice Over IP telephony

  2. LandLine services

  3. Packet Cable Technology

  4. (a) & (b)

  5. (a) & ( c )

Correct Option: D

Rogers IT organization is called as Rogers Shared Operations (RSO)

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which is Canada's premier collection of category leading media assets with businesses in radio and television broadcasting

  1. Rogers Wireless

  2. Rogers Media

  3. Rogers Cable

  4. Rogers Telecom

Correct Option: B

Which are Supply chain Management systems

  1. POM

  2. FA

  3. CASH

  4. (a) & (b)

  5. (b) & ( c)

Correct Option: D

Apart from Billing, which is involved in dealer Management and commissions

  1. V21

  2. SGI

  3. Both

  4. None of the Above

Correct Option: A

Which has its own fraud detecting Tool

  1. SGI

  2. V21

  3. TITAN

  4. FA

Correct Option: D

POM stands for

  1. Product and Offer Management

  2. Processing and Offer Management

  3. Prepaid Order Management

  4. Postpaid Order Management

Correct Option: A

Quality Centre is based on which of the following cycle

  1. SDLC

  2. TDLC

  3. STLC

  4. TTLC

Correct Option: B
  1. Specify Requirements-->Specify Release-->Test Execution-->Test Plan-->Manage Defects

  2. Specify Release--> Specify Requirements--> Manage defects--> PrepareTest Plan--> Test Execution

  3. Specify Release--> Specify Requirements-->Prepare TestPlan-->Test Execution--> Manage Defects

  4. Prepare TestPlan--> Specify Requirement--> Manage defects--> Test Execution--> Specify Release

Correct Option: C

This Specifies what needs to be tested in an application

  1. Requirement

  2. Release

  3. Defect

  4. Testcase

Correct Option: A

This tab is used to declare the tests that makeup each testset,run tests and review the results of these executions.

  1. Link defect Tab

  2. Live anakysis tab

  3. Execution flow tab

  4. Execution Grid Tab

Correct Option: D

whose the correct defect life cycle

  1. New-->Fixed-->Open-->Rejected-->Closed

  2. New-->Open-->Fixed-->Rejected-->Closed

  3. New-->Reopen-->Closed-->Rejected

  4. New-->Fixed-->Open-->Closed

Correct Option: B

In QTP we have two different types of view?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

You have option to connect to Quality center from QTP?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Which of this is not the part of LoadRunner Software?

  1. Controller

  2. Analysis

  3. Monitor Over Firewall

  4. Virtual User Generator

Correct Option: C
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