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Which of the following is a feature of Structure based test design technique?

  1. Models, either formal or informal, are used for the specification of the problem to be solved, the software or its components.

  2. Knowledge of testers, developers, users and other stakeholders about the software, its usage and its environment.

  3. Information about how the software is constructed is used to derive the test cases, for example, code and design

  4. Knowledge about likely defects and their distribution

Correct Option: C

Which of the following is NOT a factor in deciding “When to stop testing”?

  1. Code coverage

  2. Cost

  3. Resource availability

  4. Defect Density

Correct Option: C

Which of the following best defines Quality?

  1. Zero Defects

  2. Conformance to requirements

  3. Completing testing as per plan

  4. Finding more defects

Correct Option: B

Risk based testing is a/an ____________

  1. Analytical approach

  2. Model-based approach

  3. Methodical approach

  4. Consultative approach

Correct Option: A

Describing any guiding or corrective actions to be taken as a result of information and metrics gathered and reported is ___________

  1. Test progress monitoring

  2. Test reporting

  3. Test control

  4. Test planning

Correct Option: C

Test process can start after __________

  1. Code is complete

  2. Design is complete

  3. Requirements have been approved

  4. Code is delivered

Correct Option: C

Cyclomatic complexity is also known as ______

  1. Mcaffee Number

  2. McCabe Number

  3. Test complexity value

  4. Defect density

Correct Option: B

Defect detection and correction is ______

  1. Quality Assurance

  2. Quality Control

  3. Defect management

  4. Software testing

Correct Option: B
  1. V model

  2. Agile model

  3. X model

  4. Waterfall model

Correct Option: C

A defect with a Severity value of 1 should NOT have priority as ______

  1. Low

  2. Medium

  3. High

  4. Should not be prioritized

Correct Option: A

Bugzilla is a _________

  1. Scenario generator

  2. Defect Management tool

  3. Regression testing tool

  4. Test data generator

Correct Option: B

Quality Control Charts were introduced by ___________ Deming Walter Shewart Taguchi Fisher

  1. Deming

  2. Walter Shewart

  3. Taguchi

  4. Fisher

Correct Option: B

The binomial distribution model describes __________ sampling

  1. Random

  2. Acceptance

  3. 100%

  4. Binomial

Correct Option: A
  1. General Book

  2. Ligis

  3. General Ledger

  4. Accounting Book

  5. None of the above

Correct Option: C
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