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  1. Rentier

  2. Expresso

  3. Min – Max

  4. Certirente

  5. None of the above

Correct Option: C

PASSIVA :Which systems are comes under AXA B bank

  1. interselex and Star Fund

  2. Es pension fund and Star Fund

  3. Star Fund and AXA A Bank

  4. Interselex and ES Pension Fund

  5. None of the above

Correct Option: D
  1. Semantic Errors

  2. Syntax Errors

  3. Common Errors

  4. Logic Errors

Correct Option: B
  1. A. Built-in

  2. B. User-defined

  3. C. User-function

  4. D. Built-in, User-defined

  5. E. Built-in, User-function

Correct Option: D

If the Global Data sheet Contains no data and the Local Datasheet contains two rows of data, how many times will the test iterate?

  1. A. 1

  2. B. 2

  3. C. 3

  4. D. 5

Correct Option: A
  1. A. Trigger

  2. B. Recovery Operation

  3. C. Recovery Scenario Name

  4. D. The Function used in the scenario

Correct Option: A

What are bitmap checkpoints sensitive to?

  1. A. Image size and object type

  2. B. Object type and image type

  3. C. Screen resolution and object type

  4. D. Screen resolution and image size

Correct Option: D

After running a test that contains both input and output parameters, where can the results of an output parameter be found?

  1. A. Local DataSheet

  2. B. Global DataSheet

  3. C. Run-time Data Table

  4. D. Design-time Data Table

Correct Option: C

Where can you merge two shared Object repositories?

  1. A. Object Repository

  2. B. Object Repository Manager

  3. C. Test Setting

  4. D. Associate Object Repository

Correct Option: B

One of the following is true in case of Virtual Object Manager on any object resize

  1. A. Relearn the object

  2. B. Configure Object Repository to change the properties of a virtual object

  3. C. None of the above

  4. D. All the Above

Correct Option: A

When a procedure is created in the Function Library editor, what is the extension on the file?

  1. A. .INI

  2. B. .TXT

  3. C. .QFL

  4. D. .VBS

Correct Option: C
  1. A. Object, Operation, Value

  2. B. Library, Built-in, Local Script

  3. C. Operation, Arguments, Return Value

  4. D. Test Objects, Utility Objects, Functions

Correct Option: D

A new object can be configured in QTP by using

  1. 1 Object Repository

  2. 2 Virtual Object Manager

  3. 3 All the Above

  4. 4 None

Correct Option: A

Block commenting can be done in QTP by

  1. 1 Ctrl + M

  2. 2 Ctrl + T

  3. 3 Ctrl + J

  4. 4 None

Correct Option: A

How many maximum number of actions that can be added to a QTP test?

    1. 1
    1. 255
    1. 256
    1. There is not limit

Correct Option: C
  1. A. For..Next, Select…..Case, Do…Loop

  2. B. If…EndIf, For…Next, While…Wend

  3. C. Do…loop, while…wend, select..case

  4. D. Do..while, While…End, For…next

Correct Option: D
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