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What will be the ouput ? Dim MyDate, MyYear MyDate = #October 19, 1962# ' Assign a date. MyYear = Year(MyDate)

  1. current year

  2. current date

  3. year which is specified in MyDate

  4. date which is specified in MyDate

Correct Option: C

The process starting with the terminal modules is called

  1. Top-down integration

  2. Bottom-up integration

  3. Module integration

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: B

Software testing accounts to what percent of software development costs?

  1. 10-20

  2. 40-50

  3. 70-80

  4. 5-10

Correct Option: B

During Installation, Quality Center prompts the user to install?

  1. Microsoft Excel version 2003

  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

  3. Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0

  4. Microsoft Word version 2003

Correct Option: B

One of the following is not a part of the QC common toolbar-

  1. Back

  2. Tools

  3. Attachments

  4. Help

Correct Option: C

How many steps are involved in defining a Release Tree and a Requirement Tree?

  1. 3, 3

  2. 2,3

  3. 3,2

  4. 4,3

Correct Option: A

What is the test type used for creating a QuickTest Professional test?





Correct Option: A

Select those which form examples of general categories of test sets that can be created?

  1. Regression

  2. Manual

  3. Advanced

  4. Function

  5. Automated

Correct Option: A,C,D

Which parameter below is not monitored in performance testing?

  1. Error Statistics

  2. Connections

  3. Retries Per Second

  4. Logic Errors

Correct Option: A

Which among the following is not an advantage of performance testing?

  1. Identifies the bottlenecks in an application

  2. Performance testing covers functional testing fully

  3. Performance Tuning

  4. Establish baseline for future testing

Correct Option: B

Which among the following is a type of performance testing?

  1. Soak Testing

  2. Smoke Testing

  3. Adhoc testing

  4. Mutation Testing

Correct Option: A

For which among the following architecture we cant do performance testing?

  1. Client server architecture

  2. Distributed architecture

  3. Stand alone applications

  4. 3 Tier applications

Correct Option: C

Which among the following is a performance testing tool?

  1. Silk Test

  2. Jmeter

  3. Rational Robot

  4. Bugzilla

Correct Option: B

Which among the following is not a component of Loadrunner?

  1. Analyzer

  2. Snapshot viewer

  3. VuGen

  4. Silent test runner

Correct Option: D

Performance Testing comes at which stage of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)?

  1. Test Plan

  2. Design

  3. Analyze

  4. Final Testing and Implementation

Correct Option: D

“To verify the application behavior at normal and peak load conditions”? Which type of testing is this

  1. Load Testing

  2. Capacity Testing

  3. Endurance Testing

  4. Stress Testing

Correct Option: A

Testing of the system to demonstrate system compliance with user requirements is

  1. Black box Testing

  2. System Testing

  3. Independent Testing

  4. Acceptance Testing

Correct Option: D

Which type of testing focuses on evaluating the interaction among units.

  1. Unit testing

  2. Integration testing

  3. Functional testing

  4. System testing

Correct Option: B

A step-by-step procedure on the action in testing & verifying of results is called a

  1. Test case

  2. Test script

  3. Test condition

  4. Test log

Correct Option: A

Verification is:

  1. Checking that we are building the right system

  2. Checking that we are building the system right

  3. Performed by an independent test team

  4. Making sure that it is what the user really wants

Correct Option: B
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