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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam - 5

Description: Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam - 5
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An improvement process in which a company measures its performance against that of best-in-class companies, determines how those companies achieved their performance levels, and uses the information to improve its own performance.

  1. Control Chart

  2. Six Sigma

  3. Benchmarking

  4. Cause and Effect Diagram

Correct Option: C

Any event that can be measured that provides a chance of not meeting a customer requirement is

  1. Defect

  2. Defective

  3. Defect Opportunity

  4. Defect Variation

Correct Option: C

Arithmetic average of a set of values is known as

  1. Median

  2. Standard Deviation

  3. Mode

  4. Mean

Correct Option: D

As the Process Sigma increases ________-

  1. Number of defects increase exponentially

  2. Number of defects increase linearly

  3. Number of defects increase following quadratic equation

  4. None

Correct Option: D

Be a Customer is

  1. An executive observes and critically evaluates his/her company services by playing the role of a customer himself or herself

  2. Observation of how your customer utilizes your service

  3. Customer Contact employees, who have regular conversations with customers

  4. An executive observes his/her company services by playing the role of a manager himself or herself

Correct Option: A

By testing identified solution in Improve phase, we can increase

  1. Testing expertise

  2. Buy-in for possible solution

  3. Risk of implementation

  4. Cost-benefit analysis

Correct Option: B

Center line on a box plot indicates

  1. Mean

  2. Median

  3. Mode

  4. Average of Mean, Median and Mode

Correct Option: B

Channeling, Analogy, AntiSolution & Brainwriting are a part of ___________

  1. Response Plan

  2. Modified Brainstorming

  3. TRIZ

  4. Cause and Effect Analysis

Correct Option: B

If the total Defects in your process is ZERO, the calculated sigma value is :

  1. 0

  2. 6

  3. 1

  4. Cannot be calculated

Correct Option: D

If Zst is 4. Zlt will be

  1. 5.5

  2. 2.5

  3. 3.5

  4. 4.5

Correct Option: B

In an FMEA, detection rating is high if

  1. The control certainly detects potential failure cause

  2. There are high chances that the control will detect the potential failure cause

  3. There is moderate chance of control detecting the potential failure cause

  4. There is no control or the control can not detect the potential failure cause

Correct Option: D

In COPIS, what is "P" stands for

  1. Product

  2. Process

  3. Program

  4. Procedure

Correct Option: B

In Define Phase, we would identify

  1. Our Customers and their Requirements for our products and services

  2. Our Customers and their solutions for our products and services

  3. The causes for our customers' pain

  4. Our Customers VOC and the solution they would like us to implement

Correct Option: A

In FMEA lower RPN value indicates that __________

  1. The risk has to be mitigated immediately

  2. The risk has low impact

  3. Risk is beyond human control

  4. RPN does not have any relation to risk

Correct Option: B

In which phase of DMAIC would you brainstorm for solutions

  1. Control

  2. Measure

  3. Analyze

  4. Improve

Correct Option: D

Key output metrics that are aligned with the strategic goals/objectives of the business is

  1. Process Ys

  2. Business Big Ys

  3. Project Ys

  4. Xs

Correct Option: B

Measure of Central Tendency for long tailed graph is

  1. Mean

  2. Median

  3. Mode

  4. Quartile

Correct Option: B

Measurement variation is introduced when _________

  1. The process undergoes unexpected variation

  2. The process is running at highest performance level

  3. The process is being measured

  4. The measurement follows the Process output

Correct Option: C

Two sampling strategies are

  1. Process & Product

  2. Process & Population

  3. Population & Product

  4. Process & Procedure

Correct Option: B

Voice Of the Customer is the term used to describe the

  1. Stated solutions of the customer for our product / service or process

  2. Unstated solutions of the customer for our product / service or process

  3. Stated and unstated needs / requirements of the customer for our product / service or process

  4. Stated and unstated needs / requirements of the producer for the product / service or process

Correct Option: C

What is a key project metric defined from the customer perspective?

  1. Business Big Y

  2. Process Y

  3. Project Y

  4. Industry Y

Correct Option: C

What is Cost benefit Analysis used for?

  1. Justifies in financial terms why it is worth executing the Project

  2. Analysis of the project Ys

  3. Analysis of only project execution cost

  4. Exponentially Waivered Moving Average

Correct Option: A

When a common cause is interpreted as a special cause we would be _____

  1. Under reacting

  2. Over reacting

  3. Process Change

  4. Quick fix

Correct Option: B

Which Hypothesis test is used to see whether 3 sample means of continuous data are equal or not?

  1. ANOVA

  2. ANOM

  3. Chi-square

  4. Normality

Correct Option: A

Which is not a correct goal statement?

  1. Improve Productivity by 60% before Q4 2004

  2. Improve Employee Safety by installing Fire Extinguishers in all floors before 31 March 2005

  3. Increase the number of customer base in the ABC system by 95% by 3 Sep 2005

  4. Reduce the occurrence of error in XYZ system by 60% before 20 Jan 2006

Correct Option: B

Which is not true

  1. Interpreting common cause as common cause will lead to systematic process change

  2. Interpreting special cause as special cause will lead to possible containments

  3. Interpreting special cause as common cause will lead to overreacting

  4. Interpreting common cause as special cause will lead to overreacting

Correct Option: C

Which methodology will you use if you have to redesign a process that has reached its entitlement

  1. DMADV

  2. DMAIC

  3. DoE

  4. Lean

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is a measure of variation

  1. Mode

  2. Quartile

  3. Mean

  4. Standard Deviation

Correct Option: D
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