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The following actions on a TFN can be scheduled to be performed at a future time

  1. Activation

  2. Suspension

  3. Deactivation

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: A,C

Which of the following objects can be copied to the same account creating a duplicate of the object

  1. Decision

  2. Destination

  3. Routeset

  4. Toll Free Number

Correct Option: C

___________ feature in iTOLLS allows to share an XN destination between routesets

  1. Share Destination

  2. Share TFN

  3. Associate Routeset

  4. Share Routeset

  5. Associate TFN

Correct Option: E

Mass Delete option is used to delete objects in bulk and in _______ status

  1. Available

  2. InUse

  3. Available and not associated with any Routeset/TFN

  4. InUse and associated with any particular Rotueset/TFN

Correct Option: C

In RA portal, what are the valid priorities for a Service Order Request (SOR)?

  1. Priority

  2. Normal

  3. Emergency

  4. All of the Above

Correct Option: D

Which users, from the below list, cannot access User Admin page in RA portal?

  1. IT Admin

  2. Business User

  3. PWGSC User

  4. Business Admin

Correct Option: B,C

What is the maximum search period, in days, for which the Call Details Information can be fetched from the Call Details page?

  1. 30

  2. 60

  3. 90

  4. 120

Correct Option: C

What is the action that cannot be performed on a Report in RA portal?

  1. Upload

  2. Edit

  3. Delete

  4. Download

Correct Option: C

For every Service Order Request completed in RA portal, there will be an entry in ________ Report which contains all the information in the SOR.

  1. Billing Detail File

  2. Service Availability Report

  3. Grade of Service Report

  4. Order Detail File

Correct Option: D

Which one of the following status changes of a Service Request is not valid?

  1. On Hold to Completed

  2. In Progress to In Transit

  3. Validated to Push Back

  4. Revision to Cancelled

Correct Option: B
  1. POD – RSDD – CSDD – Order Completion Date

  2. CSDD – RSDD – Order Completion Date - POD

  3. POD – RSDD – Order Completion Date - CSDD

  4. RSDD – POD – CSDD – Order Completion Date

Correct Option: D

A Guest User is a

  1. User from Rogers side

  2. User from PWGSC side

  3. Can be both a & b

  4. Neither a nor b

Correct Option: A

Expansion of DNIS is _____?

  1. Dialing Number Identification Service

  2. Dialed Number Identification Service

  3. Dialing Number Identification System

  4. Dialed Number Identification System

Correct Option: B

DLL in Rogers IVR architecture stands for

  1. Dynamic Linked Library

  2. Dynamic Library Loader

  3. Dynamic Linked Listener

  4. Dynamic Library Language

Correct Option: A

In Rogers Wireless Data Devices are

  1. Blackberry, Nokia and Sony Ericsson

  2. Blackberry, Iphone and or Smartphones

  3. Blackberry Only

  4. Blackberry and HTC Only.

Correct Option: B

Software solution that allows non-Vision 21 processes to access the Vision 21 backend systems Is ________

  1. DLL

  2. CCAIS

  3. CTI


Correct Option: D

_______ is used in SOAP/UI Testing in Rogers.

  1. XML

  2. Oracle

  3. CTI

  4. MW

Correct Option: A

In Rogers' IVR call flow Middleware business layer to CPD2 using JAVA access components Through

  1. JMS

  2. JDBC

  3. RMI

  4. CPD2

Correct Option: B

For a high risk Rogers' customer which statement is true.

  1. No need for authentication.

  2. Either Date of Birth or Postal code should be defined.

  3. Either PIN or date of birth should be defined.

  4. PIN should be defined. If no PIN, Date of birth and postal code should be defined.

Correct Option: D

IVR is mainly used in

  1. Only to telecom industries for customer interaction with CSR's

  2. Versatile fields.

  3. Automation of CSR activities.

  4. In Insurance and banking sectors.

Correct Option: B
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