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Microsoft SRGS grammar validation tool is used to find

  1. Ambiguous branches and to check the syntax.

  2. Ambiguous branches, Cascading phrases,normalization errors and to check the syntax.

  3. Cascading phrases and normalization errors only.

  4. Normalization errors only.

Correct Option: C

In Customer Voice Portal , ICM stands for

  1. Intelligent Contact Management

  2. Interaction Contact Management

  3. Integrated Customer Management

  4. Intelligent Customer Management

Correct Option: A

Which is a false statement regarding the scope of VoiceXML

  1. Recognition of spoken input.

  2. Recognition of DTMF input.

  3. Telephony features such as call transfer and disconnect.

  4. The auto response to the customer's call.

Correct Option: D

Which is false about VoiceXML

  1. VoiceXML 3.0 is the current release we are using.

  2. VoiceXML has a scope of DTMF input as well as Voice inputs

  3. VoiceXML is a dynamic one.

  4. Voice Browser is a component of VoiceXML

Correct Option: A

VoiceXML have a telephony features like _________ and__________

  1. Memory allocation and disconnect

  2. Call transfer and disconnect

  3. Call transfer and automatic connection

  4. Automatic detection and disconnect.

Correct Option: B

___________ is used in Matrix utilized in routing decisions to override a destination based on specific flags on a Rogers' customer account such as Fraud and Internet Abuser.

  1. Interaction Routing

  2. Integrated Routing

  3. Intelligent Routing

  4. Intelligent decision management

Correct Option: C

For a medium risk Rogers' customer which statement is true.

  1. PIN should be defined.

  2. PIN should be defined. If no pin , postal code should be defined.

  3. PIN should be a four digits.

  4. None is true.

Correct Option: B

Which is the third Generation of IVR

  1. Speech input and speech output

  2. Touch tone input and voice output

  3. Multi modal Modes of Input and Multimedia Output.

  4. Speech Input and Output and Visual Output.

Correct Option: D

What are all the interaction and maintenance services provided by TCS to IVR systems

  1. VXML, DTMF technology and graphical & Video Output

  2. VXML , Text to Speech and computer telephony Integration and Speech recognition

  3. DTMF, Text to Speech and computer telephony Integration and Speech recognition

  4. DTMF, Text to Speech, Computer telephony Integration ,Speech recognition and graphical output

Correct Option: D

In which year Rogers deployed the Speech-enabled IVR system________

  1. 2001-2002

  2. 2002-2003

  3. 2003-2004

  4. 2004-2005

Correct Option: C

Rogers' Core IVR handle approximately

  1. 4.5 Millon calls per year

  2. 4.5 Million calls per month

  3. 5 Million calls per year

  4. 5 Million calls per month

Correct Option: B

Customer Profile Database in Rogers' IVR was build in

  1. Oracle 10g platform

  2. Oracle 9i Platform

  3. Oracle 8g platform

  4. Oracle 11i Platform

Correct Option: A

Which belongs to fourth generation of IVR

  1. Speech Input and Output and Visual Output.

  2. Multi modal Modes of Input and Multimedia Output.

  3. Speech Input and Output.

  4. Touchtone input and voice Output.

Correct Option: B

In future the IVR systems will read and react based on customer's

  1. Facial Expressions and Emotions

  2. Smile

  3. Hearing capacity

  4. Speaking capabilities

Correct Option: A

Main advantage of IVR system is

  1. It is a 24X7 application

  2. The menus are short

  3. Personalized experience

  4. Time out problems

Correct Option: A

The purpose of CPD2 database in Rogers' IVR is/are

  1. Retrieving customer details only

  2. Voluntary and involuntary routing functions and caller identification.

  3. to support the Identify Caller, Authenticate Caller, Voluntary and Involuntary Routing functions of the Main Menu call flow.

  4. None.

Correct Option: C

Which statement is true.

  1. IVR receives the target VDN and transfers the call to the VDN on the Avaya switch through Genesys CTI.

  2. IVR receives the target VDN and transfers the call to the VDN on the Genesys CTI through Avaya switch.

  3. IVR receives the target VDN and transfers the call to the VDN on the Avaya switch without Genesys CTI.

  4. None

Correct Option: A

The existing Intervoice speech IVR platform in Rogers will be replaced with___________

  1. VXML based touchtone Platfom.

  2. CTI

  3. Avaya Switch.

  4. Genesys CTI.

Correct Option: A

False. Not necessary to be a customer to Rogers. Even we can call by having other service provider.

  1. French and German

  2. Spanish and English

  3. English and French

  4. English and Spanish

Correct Option: C

Middleware business layer to Supersystem using the MQ infrastructure through

  1. JMS

  2. JDBC

  3. RMI

  4. CPD2

Correct Option: A
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