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  1. GE's New Insurance and Underwriting System

  2. Genworth New Insurance and Underwriting System

  3. Genworth New Issue Underwriting System

  4. GE's New Issue and Underwriting System

Correct Option: D

Which role has super rights

  1. Exception Manager

  2. Underwriter

  3. Case Manager

  4. Cashier

Correct Option: B
  1. DSS

  2. Genius

  3. Winflex

  4. Champ

Correct Option: C

EM is also known as

  1. Case Manager

  2. Field Underwriter

  3. Risk Taker

  4. Task Evaluator

Correct Option: A

1035 is … type of replacement

  1. Internal

  2. External

  3. Internal and External replacement

  4. 1035 replacement

Correct Option: C
  1. In Issue

  2. In Pending

  3. In Inforce

  4. In Approved-Hold

Correct Option: A
  1. Term

  2. Term UL

  3. Colony Term

  4. Colony Term UL

Correct Option: D

What is the garaunteed interest rate for all policies

  1. 3

  2. 4

  3. 3.5

  4. 4.5

Correct Option: A

What is field underwriting system known as

  1. Genius

  2. PPLUS

  3. Winflex

  4. DSS

Correct Option: C
  1. Age, Face Amount

  2. Rate Class

  3. Age, Face Amount, Height and Weight Ratio, Rate Class

  4. Height and Weight Ratio

Correct Option: C

When does PHS Task come

  1. For Internal Replacement

  2. For External Replacement

  3. Both Internal and External

  4. If Lab is not ordered

Correct Option: A

Agent Validation is received from which system

  1. Genius

  2. PPLUS

  3. Winflex

  4. DSS

Correct Option: B


  1. Temporary insurance application and agreement

  2. Temporary insurance application amount

  3. Temporary initial application amount

  4. Temporary initial application agreement

Correct Option: A

What is the maximum unit of CIR

  1. 10

  2. 3

  3. 8

  4. 5

Correct Option: A

What webClient can be used with Quality Centre 9.2?

  1. Mozilla Firefox

  2. Netscape

  3. Internet Explorer

  4. Safari

Correct Option: C
  1. HP LoadRunner

  2. HP WinRunner

  3. HP QuickTestProfessional

  4. HP OpenView

Correct Option: B,C
  1. values are assigned from within the calling test

  2. values are assigned during test design or execution

  3. values must be assigned when the test is called, during test design

  4. values must be assigned when the test is executed

Correct Option: B

What does the icon in the exhibit indicate in the Test Plan module, under the Test Script tab?

  1. there is a test script

  2. there is not a test script

  3. there is a manual test case

  4. the test script has changed

Correct Option: A

What does a live analysis graph illustrate in a visual overview?

  1. all the tests in the Test Plan

  2. all the tests in a specified folder in the Test Plan

  3. all the requirements linked to the specified test

  4. all the cycles or releases the test is linked to

Correct Option: B
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