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Which of the following element is not used to validate how well the software performs in Compatibility testing?

  1. Databases

  2. Forward Compatibility

  3. Backward Compatibility

  4. Compatibility of Peripherals

Correct Option: B

Which of the following cannot be detected during functional testing? 1. Response time 2. Reliability 3. Memory leaks

    1. Response time
    1. Response time and 3. Memory Leak
    1. Response time and 2. Reliability
  1. All of the above

Correct Option: D

Testing is not done to __________

  1. Check user friendliness

  2. Improve quality

  3. Find faults

  4. Improve software accuracy

Correct Option: D
  1. Accept the changing requirements even at the later stages of development

  2. Deliver quality working software frequently from a couple of weeks

  3. Both a and b

  4. None of the above

Correct Option: C

Which one is a verification Technique?

  1. Inspection

  2. Unit Testing

  3. System Testing

  4. Acceptance Testing

Correct Option: A

Which is not a Functional Testing tool?

  1. Winrunner

  2. Silk Test

  3. Rational Rose

  4. SQA Robot

Correct Option: C

Fault-based testing is best reserved for:

  1. conventional software testing

  2. operations and classes that are critical or suspect

  3. use-case validation

  4. white-box testing of operator algorithms

Correct Option: B

When was the first Eclipse Based IBM RPT Released?

  1. 2005

  2. 2001

  3. 2002

  4. 2004

Correct Option: A

RPT is Used For…..(Pick the Odd One Out)

  1. Identify the presence and cause of System Performance Bottlenecks.

  2. Automates Identification and management of Dynamic Server Responses.

  3. Collects and Integrates server Resource data with Real time application Performance data

  4. Speeds up the work of Website development by using Ajax with .Net and helps in reducing the page reload

Correct Option: D

RPT Was developed by which among the following?

  1. IBM

  2. IBM/Rational Software

  3. Microsoft

  4. Rational Systems

Correct Option: B
  1. It finished the amount of work in no time and therefore caused waste of time

  2. It caused huge expenditure

  3. It could not find an issue if a system performance bottleneck exists in an untested area.

  4. The testers were not able to understand the functionality of the Tool

Correct Option: C

Pick the Odd release of RPT from the following:

  1. V6.1

  2. V7.0

  3. V8.1

  4. V6.3

Correct Option: D

Which Citrix Client Version gives the Best results in test using IBM RPT?

  1. Citrix Version 9.200

  2. Citrix Version 11.20

  3. Citrix Version 11.00

  4. Citrix Version 10.34

Correct Option: A

Which release of RPT allows the user to export the RPT test log report to a text file inorder to view it outside the tool?

  1. 7.2.1

  2. 8.1.1

  3. 6.1.3

  4. 8.3.4

Correct Option: B

The Exception of Inactive Process is encountered when:

  1. the Operating system is not installed with the Graphics Driver

  2. The CD-ROM fails to initialise

  3. The Hard Crashes

  4. Max heap Size of JVM(JAVA Virtual Machine) is set to Half of the Installed Memory

Correct Option: D

What are the four views called in the requirements module?

  1. Tree,Details,Grid,Coverage analysis

  2. Tree,Details,Tab,Coverage analysis

  3. Tree,Details,Tab,Graph

  4. Tree,Information,Grid,Coverage analysis

Correct Option: A

How many custom fields can you create per module in QC?

  1. 10

  2. 999

  3. 99

  4. 50

Correct Option: C

What is the site admin application file called?

  1. sabin

  2. qcbin

  3. SA

  4. Siteadmin

Correct Option: A

How many memo fields can you add to a module?

  1. 5

  2. 1

  3. 9

  4. 10

Correct Option: A
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