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  1. Lack of technical documentation

  2. Lack of test tools on the market for developers

  3. Lack of training

  4. Lack of Objectivity

Correct Option: D
  1. 0,1900,2004,2005

  2. 1900, 2004

  3. 1899,1900,2004,2005

  4. 1899, 1900, 1901,2003,2004,2005

Correct Option: C

Which one of the following is NOT a rule to be followed in reviews?

  1. Review the Product not the author

  2. Focus on Defect

  3. Overall responsibility as a team.

  4. Maintain the discipline in review meeting.

Correct Option: D

Which of the following is not described in a unit test standard?

  1. syntax testing

  2. equivalence partitioning

  3. stress testing

  4. modified condition/decision coverage

Correct Option: C

Fault Masking is

  1. Error condition hiding another error condition

  2. Creating a test case which does not reveal a fault

  3. Masking a fault by developer

  4. a fault by a tester

Correct Option: A

  2. MAD

  3. PL FILE

  4. None of these

Correct Option: B

Testing of a candidate build to be deployed is done by performing

  1. Static test

  2. Dynamic test

  3. Smoke test

  4. None of these

Correct Option: C
  1. For each LOB, we have a project under the SPIAcceptanceTests.sln

  2. The xml scripts are written using Visual Studio 2005.

  3. SPLATT can be used for Mainframe testing

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: C
  1. The policy cannot be rated because the rate tables do not contain rates for the limits which show in the premium section.

  2. Limits are invalid for the rating state or province.

  3. Invalid territory

  4. All of these

Correct Option: D

What are the different Levels of testing in Q&I

  1. ML, RC,PS

  2. ML, PS, Select



Correct Option: C

  2. MAD

  3. PL FILE

  4. None of these

Correct Option: C
  1. TIN

  2. TAC

  3. DEV

  4. All of these

Correct Option: B

The main components of Selenium testing tools are

  1. Selenium IDE

  2. Selenium RC

  3. Selenium DOM

  4. Selenium Grid

Correct Option: A,B,D

The tests recorded using Selenium IDE can be run in other browsers

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
  1. Functional testing

  2. Agile testing

  3. Adhoc testing

  4. Regression testing

Correct Option: A,B

What programming languages can you use in Selenium RC?

  1. C#

  2. Java

  3. Perl

  4. Ruby

Correct Option: A,B,C,D
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