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Shortcut to Rename the Action name

  1. F2

  2. Ctrl+F2

  3. Alt+F2

  4. Shift+F2

Correct Option: D
  1. Ctrl+M

  2. Ctrl+C

  3. Alt+M

  4. Ctrl+L

Correct Option: A

Shortcut Key to insert a Standard Checkpoint

  1. Shift+F12

  2. F11

  3. F12

  4. Alt+F12

Correct Option: C

Shortcut to Open the object repository

  1. Ctrl+R

  2. Ctrl+O

  3. Ctrl+B

  4. Alt+F3

Correct Option: A

Shortcut to Uncomment a Statement

  1. Ctrl+M

  2. Alt+M

  3. Ctrl+Shift+M

  4. Shift+Ctrl+C

Correct Option: C

Shortcut To Remove all breakpoints from an Action

  1. Ctrl+A

  2. Ctrl+Shift+F9

  3. Ctrl+Shift+F4

  4. Shift+F9

Correct Option: B

Shortcut to create a New Function Library

  1. Ctrl+N

  2. Shift+N

  3. Shift+Alt+N

  4. Alt+N

Correct Option: C
  1. General: Log

  2. General: Run Logic

  3. General: Miscellaneous

  4. General: Additional Attributes

Correct Option: A

Which term defines the end-to-end measurement of time when one or more steps are completed?

  1. Transaction

  2. Action

  3. Business Process

  4. Business Verification

Correct Option: A

AI Explanation

To answer this question, you need to understand the concept of measuring time in the context of completing steps or processes.

Option A) Transaction - This option is correct. A transaction refers to a series of steps or actions that are completed to achieve a specific goal or outcome. When measuring the time it takes to complete a transaction, it involves considering the time taken for all the individual steps or actions to be finished.

Option B) Action - This option does not accurately define the end-to-end measurement of time when one or more steps are completed. While an action is a single step or task, it does not encompass the entire process or series of steps.

Option C) Business Process - This option is not the correct answer. While a business process involves a series of steps to achieve a specific goal, it does not specifically refer to the measurement of time when those steps are completed.

Option D) Business Verification - This option is not the correct answer. Business verification typically refers to the process of confirming or validating the correctness or accuracy of a business-related action or process. It does not directly relate to the measurement of time for completing steps.

The correct answer is A) Transaction. This option is correct because it accurately defines the end-to-end measurement of time when one or more steps are completed in a series of actions or processes.

Which graph can analyze each web page component's relative server and network time?

  1. Throughput

  2. Windows Resources

  3. Time to First Buffer Breakdown

  4. Transaction Performance Summary

Correct Option: C
  1. General

  2. Browser

  3. Network

  4. Internet Protocol

Correct Option: A

What are advantages of using automated load tests over manual load tests?

  1. Repeatability

  2. Easier to scale

  3. Improved validity

  4. Increased hardware resources

  5. Simplicity of gathering analysis data

Correct Option: A,B,E
  1. Per Time Interval

  2. Errors per Second

  3. Over the Whole Run

  4. Average Hits per Run

  5. Average Throughput per Run

  6. Average Transaction Response Time

Correct Option: A,C
  1. At the end of the action section

  2. At the beginning of the action section

  3. Immediately after the rendezvous function

  4. Immediately before the rendezvous function

Correct Option: C
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