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In context of a web application which of the following is an example of Throughput from choices given below

  1. Number of Web transactions per minute

  2. Percentage of CPU Utilized by the Web server

  3. Amount of memory consumed by the web application

  4. Number of concurrent users in the web application

Correct Option: A

What is Transaction Mix?

  1. Varying execution frequency of different Transactions

  2. Mix of transactions in a system

  3. Different transaction of given system

  4. Total transaction of the system

Correct Option: A

VSTS supports following parameterization techniques in web test?

  1. From DB

  2. From XML

  3. From CSV file

  4. All of The Above

Correct Option: D

What types Load tests VSTS supports?

  1. Goal Based

  2. Step Load

  3. Goal Based & Step Load

  4. None

Correct Option: C

An employee reports to company's intranet helpdesk, it takes 30 seconds to see the home page after clicking on the login button. The time taken to see the homepage is known as

  1. Wait time

  2. Transaction Delay

  3. Response time

  4. Transaction wait time

Correct Option: C

What inputs are required when planning Performance Tests?

  1. Workload Information

  2. Application Details

  3. Performance Monitoring Framework

  4. All of The Above

Correct Option: D

Client ABC informs TCS PL that the number of users of an online application is going to double in next six months and requests him the TCS strategy to handle the increased workload. TCS PL knows his application can scale because the project has used good Performance Engineering practices. He however needs benchmark numbers to decide if horizontal scaling or vertical scaling should be implemented. Which test should he carry out?

  1. Load Testing

  2. Stress Testing

  3. Volume Testing

  4. System Testing

Correct Option: A

AI Explanation

To answer this question, you need to understand the different types of performance testing. Let's go through each option to understand why it is correct or incorrect:

Option A) Load Testing - Load testing is the process of subjecting a system to a specific workload to measure its response time and resource utilization. It helps determine how the system performs under normal and anticipated peak load conditions. This test is relevant in the given scenario because it helps TCS PL gather benchmark numbers to decide if horizontal scaling or vertical scaling should be implemented.

Option B) Stress Testing - Stress testing is performed to determine the system's behavior under extreme conditions beyond its normal operating capacity. It helps identify the breaking point of the system and assess its ability to recover. While stress testing is important, it is not directly relevant to determining the scaling strategy in this scenario.

Option C) Volume Testing - Volume testing is conducted to evaluate the system's performance when handling a large volume of data. It helps assess the system's scalability and ability to handle increasing data loads. While volume testing is important, it is not directly relevant to determining the scaling strategy in this scenario.

Option D) System Testing - System testing is the process of evaluating the complete and integrated system to ensure that it meets specified requirements. While system testing is an important aspect of software development, it is not directly relevant to determining the scaling strategy in this scenario.

Based on the explanation above, the correct answer is A) Load Testing. This option is correct because load testing helps TCS PL gather benchmark numbers to decide if horizontal scaling or vertical scaling should be implemented in order to handle the increased workload.

Once a system has been tested and tuned for performance:

  1. It will never face a performance problem again

  2. It will have a performance problem if system grows

  3. It can have a performance problem if system grows

  4. It will have a performance problem only if application changes

Correct Option: C

We can do performance testing without tool?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

______ is a feature that comes handy when AUT contains custom controls

  1. Regular Expressions

  2. Error Recovery

  3. Reusability

  4. Extensibility

Correct Option: D

______ is the automation technology used to interact with Silverlight controls


  2. DOM

  3. UIA

  4. MAUI

Correct Option: C

Arrange the following features in the descending order or priority when choosing a test automation tool 1. Object Identification 2. Scope for Reusing assets 3. Error Recovery 4. Graphical verification

  1. 1, 2, 3, 4

  2. 4, 2, 1, 3

  3. 3, 4, 1, 2

  4. 4, 3, 2, 1

Correct Option: A

When should one start automating testing

  1. In parallel with application development

  2. After at least one cycle of manual testing is done

  3. After the AUT is moved to production

  4. As soon as the manual testers are free

Correct Option: B

Which type of test cases are ideal for automation

  1. Build Verification Test cases (BVT)

  2. Regression Test cases

  3. Usability Test cases

  4. BVT and Regression

  5. Regression and Usability

Correct Option: D

________ is a free tool for User Interface Automation testing

  1. Visual Studio Coded UI Test

  2. QTP

  3. Rational Functional Tester

  4. Selenium

Correct Option: D

Object synchronization is

  1. Synchronization between the objects on the UI

  2. Waiting for the state of the AUT to synch with Automation script

  3. The process of AUT fetching data from the Database

  4. The time by the AUT to authenticate the user

Correct Option: B

How does an automation tool identify a control uniquely when the Automation ID is same for two controls

  1. By using a different property instead of Automation ID

  2. By using a combination of properties with which a control can be found uniquely

  3. Test Automation tools cannot tackle such situations

  4. Automation does not help in such situations

Correct Option: B

A Test automation tool identifies the controls using

  1. The X,Y position of the control on the UI

  2. An algorithm that is not exposed to the user

  3. The identification properties from the GUI map

  4. The relative position of the control with respect to the parent window

Correct Option: C

The following is a Microsoft internal automation tool

  1. MAUI

  2. Coded UI Test

  3. QTP

  4. Both MAUI and QTP

Correct Option: A

The following is an advantage of test automation

  1. Higher coverage

  2. Less dependency on Manual Testers

  3. Repeatability

  4. Reusability

  5. Higher Coverage and Repeatibiity

Correct Option: E
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