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  1. TamperIE

  2. CookieMonitor

  3. SQL Profiler

  4. All the above

Correct Option: D

Select the correct script for testing SQL injection threat (Select more than one)

  1. CUST001' AND ‘1’=’1

  2. CUST1001' DROP TABLE OrderDetail --

  3. CUST1001’ OR 1 = 1--

  4. All the above

Correct Option: B,C
  1. Penetration testing

  2. Vulnerability Testing

  3. Risk Assessment

  4. All the above

  5. None of the above

Correct Option: D
  1. Confidentiality

  2. Integrity

  3. Availability

  4. Functionality Testing

  5. All the above

Correct Option: A,B,C
  1. Java Script

  2. VB Script

  3. SQL Server Management Studio

  4. Web service

  5. ActiveX

  6. Flash

Correct Option: A,B,E,F

Cross Site Scripting can be used to

  1. Steal cookies

  2. Hijack accounts

  3. Execute Flash/ActiveX contents

  4. Force user to download s/w

  5. All the above

Correct Option: E
  1. Check the memory leaks

  2. Check the robustness

  3. Check the branch coverage

  4. Check the decision tables

Correct Option: D

Contract and regulation testing is a part of

  1. System testing

  2. Acceptance testing

  3. Integration testing

  4. Smoke testing

Correct Option: B

One person has been dominating the current software process improvement meeting. Which of the following techniques should the facilitator use to bring other team members into the discussion?

  1. Confront the person and ask that other team members be allowed to express their opinions.

  2. Wait for the person to pause, acknowledge the person’ s opinion, and ask for someone else’ s opinion.

  3. Switch the topic to an issue about which the person does not have a strong opinion.

  4. Express an opinion that differs from the person’ s opinion in order to encourage others to express their ideas.

Correct Option: B

A project that is in the implementation phase is six weeks behind schedule. The delivery date for the product is four months away. The project is not allowed to slip the delivery date or compromise on the quality standards established for this product. Which of the following actions would bring this project back on schedule?

  1. Eliminate some of the requirements that have not yet been implemented.

  2. Add more engineers to the project to make up for lost work.

  3. Ask the current developers to work overtime until the lost work is recovered.

  4. Hire more software quality assurance personnel.

Correct Option: A
  1. Tools and techniques

  2. Procedures and standards

  3. Processes and walkthroughs

  4. Reviews and update

Correct Option: B
  1. Boundary value analysis

  2. Equivalence partitioning

  3. Decision table testing

  4. State transition testing

Correct Option: B

Purpose of test design technique is

  1. Identifying test conditions only, not Identifying test cases

  2. Not Identifying test conditions, Identifying test cases only

  3. Identifying test conditions and Identifying test cases

  4. Identifying test conditions or Identifying test cases

Correct Option: C
  1. Inexpensive way to get some benefit

  2. Find defects

  3. Learning, gaining understanding, effect finding

  4. Discuss, make decisions, solve technical problems

Correct Option: A

Who is responsible for document all the issues, problems and open point that were identified during the review meeting

  1. Moderator

  2. Scribe

  3. Reviewers

  4. Author

Correct Option: B
  1. To ensure that the test case specification is complete

  2. To set the criteria used in generating test inputs

  3. To know when test planning is complete

  4. To plan when to stop testing

Correct Option: D
  1. To ensure that the test case specification is complete

  2. To set the criteria used in generating test inputs

  3. To know when test planning is complete

  4. To plan when to stop testing

Correct Option: D

Which of the following is NOT part of configuration management:

  1. Status accounting of configuration items

  2. Auditing conformance to ISO9001

  3. Identification of test versions

  4. Record of changes to documentation over time

Correct Option: B
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