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Which of the following is OAT test item?

  1. maintainability

  2. Reliability

  3. It system

  4. All the above

Correct Option: C

Continuous health of the system is ensured by

  1. Monitoring

  2. Backup

  3. Failover

  4. Restore

Correct Option: A

In case of DR the restore of data can be ensured by

  1. Backup

  2. Restore

  3. Recovery

  4. Configuration

Correct Option: B

Goal of configuration testing is to ensure.

  1. maintenance of artefacts in configuration management tool with proper version.

  2. There is no goal as such.

  3. System is continuously monitored.

  4. All the above

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is the generic entry criteria of OAT?

  1. OAT Plan sign off

  2. Completion of smoke testing in production like environment.

  3. Availability of trained OAT people

  4. All the above

Correct Option: D

If service x is not executed the risk of causing data loss is high ? Here X is

  1. Configuration

  2. Monitoring

  3. Analysis Support

  4. Backup

Correct Option: D

The standard that gives definitions of testing terms is

  1. ISO/IEC 12207

  2. ANSI/IEEE 829

  3. ANSI/IEEE 729

  4. BS 7925-1

Correct Option: D

The main focus of acceptance testing is

  1. finding faults in the system

  2. testing from a business perspective

  3. ensuring that the system is acceptable to all users

  4. testing the system with other systems

Correct Option: B

Testing that is done as extreme programming (XP), treating development as the customer of testing and emphasizing the test-first design paradigm is called as

  1. Agile Testing

  2. Beta Testing

  3. Alpha testing

  4. Monkey Testing

Correct Option: A

What is the normal order of activities in which software testing is organized?

  1. system, integration, unit, validation

  2. Unit, integration, validation, system 

  3. integration, validation, Unit,system 

  4. Unit, integration, system, validation

Correct Option: D

While testing the Product/Application according by seeing  _______ you can say that you have done full Testing.

  1. Project Status Report

  2. Risk Analysis Doc

  3. Tractability Matrix

  4. Bug Report

Correct Option: C

Which testing technique involves installing a system at a large number of user sites?

  1. Alpha testing

  2. Volume testing

  3. Beta testing

  4. Boundary value analysis

Correct Option: C

AI Explanation

To answer this question, you need to understand the different testing techniques and their purposes. Let's go through each option to understand why it is correct or incorrect:

Option A) Alpha testing - This option is incorrect because alpha testing is performed at the developer's site by a dedicated testing team. It is not focused on installing the system at user sites.

Option B) Volume testing - This option is incorrect because volume testing is a performance testing technique that verifies the system's behavior under a large volume of data. It does not involve installing the system at user sites.

Option C) Beta testing - This option is correct because beta testing involves installing the system at a large number of user sites. It is performed by end-users in a real-world environment to gather feedback and identify any issues or bugs before the final release.

Option D) Boundary value analysis - This option is incorrect because boundary value analysis is a technique used to test the system's behavior at the boundaries of input values. It does not involve installing the system at user sites.

The correct answer is C) Beta testing. This option is correct because beta testing is the testing technique that involves installing a system at a large number of user sites for real-world usage and feedback gathering.

Automation test tool is best suited for

  1. Functional Testing 

  2. Performance Testing

  3. System Testing

  4. UAT Testing

Correct Option: B

Bug life cycle steps are

  1. Open, Assigned, Fixed, Closed

  2. Open, Fixed, Assigned, Closed

  3. Assigned, Open, Closed, Fixed

  4. A.Assigned, Open, Fixed, Closed

Correct Option: A

PDCA is known as

  1. Plan, Do, Correct, Act

  2. Plan, Do, Check, Act

  3. Plan, Debug, Check, Act

  4. Plan, Do, Check, Accept

Correct Option: B

Who is responsible for document all the issues, problems and open point that were identified during the review meeting

  1. Moderator

  2. Scribe

  3. Reviewers

  4. Author

Correct Option: B

We split testing into distinct stages primarily because:

  1. Each test stage has a different purpose.

  2. It is easier to manage testing in stages

  3. We can run different tests in different environments

  4. The more stages we have, the better the testing.

Correct Option: A

Deliverables of test design phase include all the following except:

  1. Test data

  2. Test data plan

  3. Test summary report

  4. Test procedure plan

Correct Option: C

Which of the following is not decided in the test-planning phase?

  1. Schedules and deliverables

  2. Hardware and software

  3. Entry and exit criteria

  4. Types of test cases

Correct Option: D

Typical defects that are easier to find in reviews than in dynamic testing are:

  1. deviations from standards,

  2. requirement defects,

  3. design defects,

  4. insufficient maintainability and incorrect interface specifications.

  5. all of the above

Correct Option: E
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