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What constitutes a release folder?

  1. Test plan for the release

  2. Cycles of the release

  3. Releases of the application

  4. Requirements for the release

Correct Option: C

Which module in Quality Center provide prdefined graph templates?

  1. Requirements,TestPlan,Test Laband Defects

  2. Releases,Requirements,Test Plan and Defects

  3. Requirements , Test Lab and Defects

  4. Releases,Test Plan ,Test Lab and Defects

Correct Option: A

Waht elements can be linked directly to a requirement in the releases module ?

  1. A cycle

  2. Release tree

  3. A cycle progress

  4. cycle details

Correct Option: A

What is the foundation of the Release module?

  1. the release cycles

  2. The cycle versions

  3. The release folders

  4. The release tree

Correct Option: D

From whcih module or modules can you log a defect ?

  1. Requirement and Defect

  2. Requirement,Test Plan,Test Lab and Defect

  3. Requirement,Test Plan and Defect

  4. Defect

Correct Option: B

How many views are available in the Defects module ?

  1. Three

  2. Four

  3. Two

  4. One

Correct Option: D

What is the purpose of requiremnts traceability ?

  1. To view and establish linkage to other requirements

  2. To view cycles that are linked to the requirement

  3. To view and establish what Releases are linked to the requirements

  4. To view and establish Test coverage

Correct Option: A

Which of the below defines OAT scope for an application?

  1. Functional Changes for a particular release in the application

  2. All non functional items in the application irrespective of the release

  3. All functional and non functional changes for a particular release in the application

  4. Non functional changes in the application particular to that release

Correct Option: D

What is an onboarding plan

  1. Contains the list of information to be collected by OAT team for DBOI team

  2. Contains list of information to be collected by DBOI for OAT team

  3. Contains list of information to be collected by DBOI for Application team

  4. Contains list of information to be collected by higher management

Correct Option: B

What is NAR

  1. Nested Application Repository

  2. New Application Request

  3. New Application Repository

  4. Nested Application Request

Correct Option: C

What is the testing done in OAT

  1. Non-functional(Excluding Performance Testing)

  2. Non Functional(Including Performance Testing)

  3. Functional

  4. All of the above

  5. None of the above

Correct Option: A

What is PMG

  1. Production Management Goals

  2. Production Management Gates

  3. Project Management Gates

  4. Project Management Goals

Correct Option: B

Which is not a deliverable for OAT?

  1. WBS

  2. OAT Strategy

  3. OAT Plan

  4. OAT Closure Report

Correct Option: A

What is the last OAT deliverable before PMG 3

  1. OAT Strategy Document

  2. OAT Plan

  3. OA Checks

  4. WBS

Correct Option: B

What are the valid services in OAT 1.Configuration Testing 2.Documentation Transfer and Publication 3.Performance Testing 4.Analysis and Design 5.Failover 6.Access testing

  1. 1,2,4,5,6

  2. 1,2,4,5

  3. 3,6

  4. 1,2,3,4,5,6

Correct Option: B

DB RACE and ArcSight Intrusion are tools used in DB. In which OAT service are these used predominantly?

  1. Configuration Testing

  2. Monitoring

  3. Security Testing

  4. Analysis and Support

  5. Recovery

Correct Option: C

Heartbeat Messages are used to test

  1. Functional changes in components/systems

  2. Connectivity between components/systems

  3. Completeness of backups

  4. If OAT is successful

Correct Option: B

Failover is

  1. the process followed when OAT fails

  2. the mechanism to bring back a system to stable state

  3. the mechanism to bring down a stable system

  4. the mechanism to ensure high availability for a system

Correct Option: D

What are the use cases of production management?

  1. 1.Release from Deployment 2.Keep a system running 3.Bring back a system to stable state

  2. 1.Configure a system 2.Go live 3.Support a system

  3. 1.Ensure Deployment 2.Environment readiness 2.Go-Live and support

  4. 1.Acceptance from Deployment 2.Perform OAT 3.keep a system running

Correct Option: A
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