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When a child requirement is linked to a test, what else is automatically linked to a test?

  1. Release cycle

  2. Parent requirement

  3. Functional Requirement

  4. Other child requirement

Correct Option: B

While running a manual test, one log a defect a specific step, Is that defect automatically linked to any other entity ?

  1. Yes indirectly linked to test instance

  2. No, a defect can be linked to only one entity

  3. No all linked to other entities must be done separately

  4. Yes, directly to other defect linked to test instance

Correct Option: A
  1. Defect data

  2. Test set data

  3. Test plan data

  4. Release data

  5. Requirement data

Correct Option: A,C,E

How many defects can be linked to a requirement ?

  1. Only one defect

  2. multiple

  3. none

  4. three

Correct Option: B

While designing the test plan, one mistakenly deleted a folder. Where it can be recovered ?

  1. No , it can not be recovered

  2. Yes, it can be from Subject folder

  3. Yes, it can be from Unattached folder

  4. Yes, it can be from Deleted folder

Correct Option: C
  1. No

  2. Yes, however an automated test can not follow manual test

  3. Yes, automated and manual test may be used in same test

  4. None

Correct Option: C

Which term describe appropriately the main functionality of QC ?

  1. Test case

  2. Repository

  3. Load test

  4. Defects

Correct Option: B
  1. Both inspections and walkthroughs are led by the author.

  2. An inspection is led by a moderator and a walkthrough is led by the author.

  3. Both inspections and walkthroughs are led by a trained moderator.

  4. A walkthrough is led by the author. The author is not present during inspections.

Correct Option: B
  1. The name and/or organisational position of the person raising the problem.

  2. Version of the Software Under Test.

  3. Suggestions as to how to fix the problem.

  4. Actual and expected results.

Correct Option: C

Which of the following defines the expected results of a test?

  1. Test case specification.

  2. Test design specification.

  3. Test procedure specification.

  4. Test results.

Correct Option: A

Static code analysis typically identifies all but one of the following problems. Which is it?

  1. Unreachable code.

  2. Unreachable Variables

  3. Faults in the requirements

  4. Too few comments

Correct Option: C
  1. Ad Hoc Testing

  2. Compatibility Testing

  3. Endurance Testing

  4. Functional Testing

Correct Option: C

Testing practice for projects using some methodologies, treating development as the customer of testing and emphasizing a test-first design paradigm

  1. Component Testing

  2. Scalability Testing

  3. Ad Hoc Testing

  4. Agile Testing

Correct Option: D

Testing conducted to enable a user/customer to determine whether to accept a software product

  1. Agile Testing

  2. Functional Testing

  3. Acceptance Testing

  4. Smoke Testing

Correct Option: C

Testing which covers all combinations of input values and preconditions for an element of the software under test

  1. Component Testing

  2. Exhaustive Testing

  3. End-to-End Testing

  4. Functional Testing

Correct Option: B

A quick-and-dirty test that the major functions of a piece of software work

  1. Component Testing

  2. Functional Testing

  3. Regression Testing

  4. Smoke Testing

Correct Option: D

Running a system at high load for a prolonged period of time

  1. Soak testing

  2. Smoke testing

  3. Agile Testing

  4. Functional Testing

Correct Option: A

Testing conducted to evaluate a system or component at or beyond the limits of its specified requirements to determine the load under which it fails and how

  1. Component Testing

  2. Stress Testing

  3. Dynamic Testing

  4. Recovery Testing

Correct Option: B
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