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  1. A test environment description and test instructions.

  2. A set of inputs, execution preconditions, and expected outcomes

  3. A test plan, test inputs, and logging instructions.

  4. Execution instructions and a function description to determine correct outcome.

Correct Option: B
  1. Component integration testing tests the interactions between different systems and is done after

  2. Component integration testing tests the interactions between different systems and may be done after

  3. Component integration testing tests the interactions between software components and is done during

  4. Component integration testing tests the interactions between software components and is done after

Correct Option: D

What is non-functional testing?

  1. Testing an integrated system to verify that it meets specified requirements

  2. Testing the internal structure of the system to ensure it’s built correctly

  3. Testing the way the system works without regard to the level of test

  4. Testing characteristics such as usability or reliability

Correct Option: D

Which activities are included in the Test Analysis and Design phase?

  1. Design of test cases that verify that user functions are correct.

  2. The design of test cases for testing the internal structure of the system.

  3. Test case design that is based on an analysis of the behavior of the component without reference to its

  4. The design of test cases to ensure that the organization has defined exactly what the customer wants.

Correct Option: C

What is the actual and potential result when a human being makes a mistake while writing code? I. A bug II. A failure III. A fault IV. An error V. A defect

  1. I, II, III and IV

  2. I, III and IV

  3. V only

  4. II, III and IV

Correct Option: A
  1. PIN can be defined. If no PIN, nothing is needed.

  2. PIN is need.

  3. Date of birth or postal code should be defined.

  4. PIN, Postal code and date of birth should be defined.

Correct Option: A
  1. Customer Video Portal

  2. Customer Voice Portal

  3. Customer Voicemail Portal

  4. None.

Correct Option: B

Example of Speech tuning tool is

  1. OmniVox3D

  2. Nuance Open Speech Insight (OSI) tool

  3. CVP

  4. Microsoft SRGS validation tool

Correct Option: B

Main Disadvantage of IVR is

  1. Personalized experience.

  2. It is 24X7 application

  3. It takes care of most frequently asked questions

  4. Timeout problem and too many menus.

Correct Option: D
  1. Rogers IVR Postpaid

  2. Rogers IVR Prepaid

  3. Both Rogers IVR Postpaid and Prepaid

  4. Prepaid cable

Correct Option: B

VoiceXML documents are interpreted by a

  1. Voice Browsers

  2. Voice Interpreter

  3. Microsoft SRGS validation tools

  4. Voice mails.

Correct Option: A
  1. Dual tune multi frequency

  2. Dual tone multi frequency

  3. Dual twist multi frequency

  4. Double Tone multi frequency

Correct Option: B
  1. SPI

  2. OmniVox3D Application layer.

  3. CTI

  4. PBX, LAN and Host Computer.

Correct Option: D
  1. Speech input and speech output

  2. Touch tone input and voice output

  3. Multi modal Modes of Input and Multimedia Output.

  4. Speech Input and Output and Visual Output.

Correct Option: B

Which hardware does a computer needs to understand the DTMF signals produced by the phone..

  1. Telecommunication cards

  2. Telephony board or telephony card

  3. Keypad

  4. Speaker phones and keypad

Correct Option: C

What are all the languages used in IVR system?

  1. English and Spanish

  2. English and French

  3. German and French

  4. English and German

Correct Option: B

IVVR stands for

  1. Interactive voice and video response

  2. Interaction voice and video response

  3. Integration voice and video response

  4. Interactive video and voice response

Correct Option: A

_____ technology lets callers speak entries rather than punch numbers on a keypad

  1. IVR

  2. ASR

  3. ASA

  4. CTI

Correct Option: B

Which of these is not a common limitation of automated speech recognition (ASR)?

  1. Bad cell phone connections

  2. Spoken numerals

  3. Caller with a heavy accent or dialect

  4. Words from multiple languages used together

Correct Option: B
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