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Which component of Load Runner is used for running a load test scenario?

  1. VuGen

  2. Controller

  3. Analyser

  4. a & b

  5. None of the Options

Correct Option: B

Load runner can be used for

  1. Volume testing

  2. Functional Testing

  3. Endurance Testing

  4. a&c

  5. All of the options

Correct Option: D

Loadtest process follows the sequence

  1. Plan > Create script >Define Scenario > Run Scenario >Analyse Result

  2. Plan > Run Scenario>Create script >Define Scenario >Analyse Result

  3. Analyse Result > Create script >Run Scenario>Define Scenario >Plan

  4. Plan > Create script >Run Scenario >Define Scenario > Analyse Result

  5. None of the options

Correct Option: A

For increasing the user load at a particular transaction by simultanious execution of the transaction by all the virtual users , we may use

  1. Parameterization only

  2. Correlation Only

  3. Randezvous point only

  4. a & b

  5. a , b, &c

Correct Option: C

A Unix/Linux machine can be used for

  1. LR Controller

  2. LR Vugen

  3. LR Analyser

  4. Load generator.

  5. Unix machine can't be used

Correct Option: D

According to Little's law

  1. Response time is directly proportional to square of throuput

  2. Response time is inversly proportional to throughput

  3. Product of response time and throughput is a constant

  4. a & b

  5. b & c

Correct Option: E

To capture the all the dynamic data with the same boundary values in the same response , we may use the attribute _________________ in web_reg_save_param function.

  1. "ORD=EACH"

  2. "ORD=ALL"

  3. "ORD=EVERY"

  4. "ORD=WHOLE"

  5. "ORD=TOTAL"

Correct Option: B

The time period in the load test during which the number of users increases at a constant rate is generally called

  1. Ramp-Up time

  2. Think time

  3. Elapsed Time

  4. Mountain Time

  5. Spike time

Correct Option: A

The LR function corresponding to Text check is

  1. web_reg_save_param

  2. web_set_max_html_param_len

  3. lr_get_attrib_string

  4. lr_check_text

  5. web_reg_find

Correct Option: E

Can QTP scripts run from Load runner

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Depends on the Controller License

  4. May be

Correct Option: C

1.QTP is used for

  1. Integration testing

  2. Functional testing

  3. Regression testing

  4. Load testing

Correct Option: B,C

Most commonly used mode of recording in QTP is

  1. Analog

  2. Context Sensitive

  3. Low level recording

  4. Digital

Correct Option: B

We can have any number of shared object repositories associated with an action

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Identification properties are the properties defined within the application for each object which will act as base properties and may not change dynamically

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

What is the extension of function library in QTP

  1. .trs

  2. .tsr

  3. .vbs

  4. .txt

Correct Option: C

Which of these is NOT a type of checkpoint in QTP

  1. Standard checkpoint

  2. Basic checkpoint

  3. Text checkpoint

  4. Bitmap checkpoint

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is the standard for the Software product quality

  1. ISO 1926

  2. ISO 829

  3. ISO 1012

  4. ISO 1028

Correct Option: A

From a Testing perspective, what are the MAIN purposes of Configuration Management?

  1. Identifying the version of software under test

  2. Controlling the version of testware items.

  3. Developing new testware items

  4. Tracking changes to testware items

Correct Option: A,B,D

AI Explanation

To answer this question, let's go through each option to understand why it is correct or incorrect:

Option A) Identifying the version of software under test - This option is correct because one of the main purposes of configuration management is to identify the version of software under test. Configuration management helps in keeping track of different versions of the software, which is essential for testing purposes.

Option B) Controlling the version of testware items - This option is correct because another main purpose of configuration management is to control the version of testware items. Testware items include test scripts, test cases, test data, etc. By controlling the version of these items, configuration management ensures that the correct and up-to-date testware is used for testing.

Option C) Developing new testware items - This option is incorrect because configuration management primarily focuses on managing and controlling the existing testware items, rather than developing new ones. While the development of new testware items may be part of the testing process, it is not a main purpose of configuration management.

Option D) Tracking changes to testware items - This option is correct because tracking changes to testware items is an important aspect of configuration management. It helps in keeping a record of any modifications made to the testware items, which aids in maintaining the integrity and traceability of the testing process.

The correct answer is A, B, D. These options are correct because they align with the main purposes of configuration management in testing, which involve identifying the version of software under test, controlling the version of testware items, and tracking changes to testware items.

Find the correct flow of the phases of a formal review

  1. Planning, Review meeting, Rework, Kick off

  2. Planning, Individual preparation, Kick off, Rework

  3. Planning, Review meeting, Rework, Follow up

  4. Planning, Individual preparation, Follow up, Kick off

Correct Option: C

In which phase static tests are used

  1. Requirements

  2. Design

  3. Coding

  4. All of the above

Correct Option: D
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