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What does umask do?

  1. It puts a mask on user accounts

  2. It means unix mask

  3. default permissions

  4. default names

Correct Option: C

Linus Torvalds developed

  1. CShell

  2. Kernel

  3. BIOS for Linux

  4. Full Linux OS

Correct Option: B

Linux is a simple GUI cover over UNIX.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

Which of the following is not a Linux distribution?

  1. Debian

  2. Fedora

  3. SUSE

  4. Yellow Devil

Correct Option: D

AI Explanation

To answer this question, you need to have knowledge about different Linux distributions.

Option A) Debian - This option is a Linux distribution. Debian is a popular Linux distribution known for its stability and security.

Option B) Fedora - This option is a Linux distribution. Fedora is a community-driven distribution sponsored by Red Hat, known for its frequent updates and focus on cutting-edge technologies.

Option C) SUSE - This option is a Linux distribution. SUSE is a Linux distribution developed by SUSE LLC, known for its enterprise-grade features and support.

Option D) Yellow Devil - This option is not a Linux distribution. "Yellow Devil" is not a recognized or commonly known Linux distribution.

The correct answer is D) Yellow Devil. This option is incorrect because "Yellow Devil" is not a Linux distribution.

What is GNU/Linux?

  1. The official name of the complete Linux OS according to Richard Stallman

  2. Collection of open softwares and Linux kernel

  3. Registered trade mark of linux

  4. None of above all

Correct Option: A

Which of the following is not a Linux GUI?

  1. Motif

  2. KDE

  3. XUL

  4. GNOME

Correct Option: C

Current stable version of Linux Kernel

  1. 3.0

  2. 2.1

  3. 2.6

  4. 1.1

Correct Option: C

'startx' is used to enter into XWindow system in linux.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Following is built-in shell command.

  1. cal

  2. ls

  3. kill

  4. echo

Correct Option: D

Which among the following is not a shell type

  1. c shell

  2. korn shell

  3. bourne shell

  4. awk shell

Correct Option: D

which among the following is not a type of awk

  1. awk

  2. gawk

  3. nawk

  4. mawk

Correct Option: D

sed is a

  1. Command to check process status

  2. Command to list the files

  3. Stream editor

  4. Command to set env variables

Correct Option: C

Command to set the environment variables

  1. senv

  2. printenv

  3. setenv

  4. setupenv

Correct Option: C

which command is used to move to one directory up in the hierarchy

  1. cd ..

  2. cd

  3. Cd …

  4. Cd ~

Correct Option: A

ps is used to check

  1. page width

  2. processes currently running

  3. processes terminated

  4. page height

Correct Option: B

sed can be used to

  1. list the files

  2. check the process status

  3. substitute one word with another

  4. copy the contents of one file to another

Correct Option: C

Permissions on a file can changed using

  1. chmod

  2. changemode

  3. cmd

  4. changem

Correct Option: A
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