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  1. Back straight

  2. Eyes on monitor

  3. Feet on the floor

  4. Elbows on the table

Correct Option: D

What does it mean to have a clean desktop

  1. There are no programs open on the desktop

  2. There are no bits of paper on the floor

  3. Everything is turned off

  4. You have thoroughly dusted your area

Correct Option: A
  1. Really Accessable Memory

  2. Real Access Memory

  3. Random Available Mode

  4. Random Access Memory

Correct Option: D

Which one works as an output and input device

  1. Modem

  2. Scanner

  3. Mouse

  4. Printer

Correct Option: A
  1. An operating System

  2. A Printer Attached

  3. An anti-virus program

  4. A word processor

Correct Option: A

What command used to search a string in a file?

  1. ls

  2. more

  3. grep

  4. search

Correct Option: C

What command shows the disk space available on the system?

  1. du

  2. tar

  3. uspace

  4. df

Correct Option: D

What command shows, who is logged on and what they're doing?

  1. whoami

  2. w

  3. telnet

  4. finger

Correct Option: B

What command used to show the last few lines of a file?

  1. tail

  2. head

  3. last

  4. more

Correct Option: A

Command which is not related to "Communication"?

  1. e-mail

  2. read

  3. talk

  4. sftp

Correct Option: B

What command cancels the print jobs that have been queued for printing?

  1. lpr

  2. lprm

  3. lpq

  4. lpc

Correct Option: B

Which one of these wizards makes its first appearance with Windows XP?

  1. Files and Settings Transfer Wizard

  2. Add New Program Wizard

  3. Add New Hardware Wizard

  4. Found New Hardware Wizard

Correct Option: A
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