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  1. create a physical volume

  2. extend the logical volume

  3. create a filesystem

  4. extend the filesystem

Correct Option: A

What is the command for action "Change Keyboard Mapping"





Correct Option: B
  1. Regular Files

  2. Directory Files

  3. Mode Files

  4. Special Files

Correct Option: A,B,D

Job Control is one of the feature of the UNIX ?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A
  1. C shell

  2. Bourne Shell

  3. Bash Shell

  4. B Shell

Correct Option: B

Which one of the following is the heart of the UNIX OS ?

  1. Shell

  2. Kernel

  3. OS

  4. Pipes

Correct Option: B

Which one of the following is to list all the files column wise ?

  1. -C

  2. -l

  3. -c

  4. -lc

Correct Option: C

While in command mode you press "a" : what happens?

  1. This is an invalid command

  2. The editor goes in to insert mode and start inserting text after the current cursor location

  3. The editor searches for charater "a" in the open file

  4. The editor gives a beep sound

Correct Option: B

You have made changes to a file and want to quit vi without saving these changes. what command will you use?

  1. :wq

  2. x

  3. q!

  4. w!

Correct Option: C
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