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  1. datetime.cpl

  2. timedate.cpl

  3. date.cpl

  4. time.cpl

Correct Option: B

to open Display Properties

  1. control display

  2. display.cpl

  3. vga

  4. desk.cpl

Correct Option: D

to open Game Controllers

  1. game.cpl

  2. juke.cpl

  3. joy.cpl

  4. stick.cpl

Correct Option: C

which process execute a program called getty

  1. kernel process

  2. init process

  3. terminal process

  4. root process

Correct Option: C

which of the following environment variables cannot be changed by the user

  1. PATH


  3. PS1

  4. TERM

Correct Option: B

full form of IFS variable

  1. Internal Field Seperator

  2. Internal File Seperator

  3. Implicit Field Seperator

  4. Implicit File Seperator

Correct Option: A
  1. David Korn

  2. Stephen R. Bourne

  3. Kem Thompson

  4. William Joy

Correct Option: D

where system administration files are kept.

  1. /usr/bin

  2. /usr/sbin

  3. /sbin

  4. /usr/spool

Correct Option: B
  1. ([a-z])([a-z])[a-z]\2\1

  2. ([a-z])([a-z])[a-z]\2\3

  3. \2\1([a-z])([a-z])[a-z]

  4. ([a-z])([a-z])[0-9]\2\1

Correct Option: A

Which linux distribution has the quickest boot-up time till date?

  1. Ubuntu Karmic Koala

  2. Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex

  3. Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn

  4. Ubuntu Lucid Lynx

Correct Option: D

Which of the following Linux Applications allow you to download/upload files in Torrent format?

  1. KTorrent

  2. Wget

  3. GWget

  4. Transmission

  5. GTorrent

Correct Option: A,D

Which of the following is NOT a boot-loader for Linux?

  1. UILO

  2. LILO

  3. GRUB

  4. GRUB2

Correct Option: A

GRUB has the power of loading multiple operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS. To do this, it calls the Boot record on the main boot partition, and inserts subsequent calls to other boot records on other boot partitions. This is called-

  1. Boot Forwarding

  2. Chain-loading

  3. Chain-booting

  4. Boot Chaining

Correct Option: B

Which of the following Linux Streams has the Worlds' Largest Repository ?

  1. Slackware

  2. Red Hat

  3. Canonical

  4. Debian

Correct Option: D
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