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which file need to be edited with nameserver ip to configure DNS client?

  1. /etc/hostname

  2. /etc/resolv.conf

  3. /etc/sysconfig/network

  4. /etc/named.conf

Correct Option: B

What is the command to update configuration changes on apache server without restarting the service?

  1. /usr/sbin/apachectl restart

  2. /usr/sbin/apachectl reload

  3. /usr/sbin/apachectl configtest

  4. /usr/sbin/apachectl full-server-status

Correct Option: B

how can we use enter into virtual console i.e what is the way to have more number of login sessions at a time?

  1. edit file /etc/inittab and change value to 5

  2. ctrl + 6

  3. alt + ctrl + del

  4. alt + F1 to F6

Correct Option: D

what does mean ethernet bonding in linux?

  1. it means bind service which is used for dns service

  2. this is related to troubleshooting tool for ethernet cable

  3. used while configuring routers on linux

  4. id binding two (or more) physical ethernet interfaces together to look and act as a single interface under Linux

Correct Option: D

How to find default gateway and routing tables in linux?

  1. route print

  2. route -n

  3. ifconfig

  4. netstat -rn

Correct Option: B,D

how to list the number ports opened on linux system?

  1. portmap

  2. top

  3. netstat -nap

  4. nmap -p

  5. lsof -i -n -P

Correct Option: C,D,E

what is the file, need to be edited for deny userlogin via ftp(vsftp service)?

  1. /etc/vsftpd/deny

  2. /etc/host/vsftpd.deny

  3. /etc/host.deny

  4. /etc/vsftpd/ftpusers

Correct Option: D

what is the command to start with client-side kickstart installation ?

  1. linux boot=kickstart

  2. linux askmethod

  3. linux ks=ftp://path/of/ks.cfg

  4. linux ask method kickstart

Correct Option: C

what is the use virtualhosting?

  1. to assign single site to many ip address

  2. assigning many ip address to single domain name

  3. assigning multiple virtual address to single ethenet interface

  4. to host more number of site(different domain) on single webserver

Correct Option: D

Up/Down Arrow Keys are used for?

  1. Memory Info

  2. Scroll back and forward through your terminal.

  3. Scroll through your most recent commands.

  4. List the interrupts in use.

Correct Option: C

CTRL+Z is used for?

  1. Force a process shut down.

  2. Send the current process to the background

  3. Exit the terminal

  4. Exit the current process

Correct Option: B

CTRL-R is used for?

  1. run a executable in current directory

  2. To search the commands.

  3. To find list of users logged in

  4. List all the process currently running

Correct Option: B

Shift-PageUp and Page Down used for?

  1. Scroll back and forward through your terminal.

  2. List the content of current directory

  3. Scroll through your most recent commands.

  4. Show command history

Correct Option: A

key is used for?

  1. List the content of current directory

  2. show the current user environment

  3. List the process currently run by the user

  4. Autocomplete

Correct Option: D

CTRL+C is used for?

  1. print kernel messages

  2. Shut down the system to hault

  3. Kill the current process

  4. Halt or reboot the machine

Correct Option: C

Which Is the latest version for android operating system

  1. Froyo

  2. Gingerbread

  3. Eclair

  4. Donut

Correct Option: B

Which Car takes maximum time of Audi to get manufacture

  1. A8

  2. R8

  3. X6

  4. X7

Correct Option: B

How to find out pid of current shell?

  1. ps

  2. echo $$

  3. ptree

  4. psrinfo

Correct Option: B

zoneadm is used to configure zone in Solaris 10

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: B

How to Obtain the Process Privileges of the Current Shell?

  1. ppriv $$

  2. ps

  3. ps -ef

  4. prtdiag -v

Correct Option: A
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