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  1. Open Boot PROM

  2. Open Boot Parameter

  3. Open Source Boot

  4. Open Boot Process

Correct Option: A
  1. route add default

  2. add route

  3. add gateway default

  4. router add default

Correct Option: A

How to remove metadevice?

  1. rm -rf d7

  2. metaclear d7

  3. metadel d7

  4. metarm d7

Correct Option: B

How to remove all host specic conguration from the system

  1. rm -rf

  2. sys-unconfig

  3. reboot

  4. rm /etc/system

Correct Option: B

Which is the run comand for installing the active directory?

  1. ads.msc

  2. dcpromo

  3. activedirectory

  4. adservice

Correct Option: B

Which is not a domain wide role?

  1. rid master

  2. infrastructure master

  3. domain naming master

  4. pdc emulator

Correct Option: C

which is the command to get remote connection?

  1. remote

  2. mstsc

  3. remoteaccess

  4. terminal

Correct Option: B

which is the port number used for LDAP?

  1. 23

  2. 443

  3. 389

  4. 80

Correct Option: C

which is NOT an edition of windows server 2003?

  1. Web Edition

  2. Ultimate

  3. Data Center

  4. Enterprise

Correct Option: B

Currently working in a directory containing only one file, Afile1. What is displayed after the following commands are entered in bash? # MYVAR=ls # echo $MYVAR "$MYVAR" '$MYVAR' '$MYVAR'

  1. ls Afile1 Afile1 Afile1

  2. ls ls $MYVAR Afile1

  3. ls ls ls $MYVAR

  4. Afile1 Afile1 Afile1 Afile1

Correct Option: B

If you type the command cat dog & > cat what would you see on your display? Choose one:

  1. Any error messages only.

  2. the contents of the file dog and any error messages.

  3. Nothing as all output is saved to the file cat.

  4. The contents of the file dog.

Correct Option: C

You have a new application on a CD-ROM that you wish to install. What should your first step be? Choose one:

  1. Use the mount command to mount your CD-ROM as read-write.

  2. Use the umount command to access your CD-ROM.

  3. use the mount command to mount your CD-ROM as read-only.

  4. Read the installation instructions on the CD-ROM.

Correct Option: C
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