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Which is the inner most layer in unix operating system

  1. Hardware

  2. Kernel

  3. Shell

  4. Application Programs

Correct Option: B

Unix treats the main memory(RAM) of a PC as a file.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Option: A

Which command is used to ensure that background jobs continue to run even after logginf off.

  1. noexit

  2. nokill

  3. xlog

  4. nohup

Correct Option: D

which of the following is not the unix command to send email

  1. mail

  2. mailx

  3. Mail

  4. email

Correct Option: D

which command displays the disk space in unix

  1. dl -k

  2. ls -k

  3. df -k

  4. dz -k

Correct Option: C
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